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Aug 3rd


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Mongolia Snapshots

The ubiquitous UAZ, the Russian 4×4 vans you see everywhere in Mongolia. I want one of these so bad I can almost taste it. A few more snapshots from the Hasselblad in Mongolia:

Self portrait. Mongolia, 2012.

I walked past this thing (below) several times before I really saw it, stopped dead in my tracks and said, or thought, something along the lines of, “In the name of all that is holy, WHAT IS THAT THING?” It still confuses me – and scares me – a little. Any guesses?

It’s a long weekend here and we’re heading out in a couple hours to throw gear into Emily (the Jeep) and head to Princeton, BC, to spend the weekend on the Whipsaw Trail, one of the top ten 4×4 routes in North America. Hoping for adventure, looking for beauty. Have a great weekend, wherever you are. :-)

Jul 26th


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Come with me to Africa

One of the highlights of my year is my return to Africa. Last year we began with Orthodox Christmas in Lalibela, Ethiopia, and then the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Two back to back trips that were simply unbelievable. This year we’re doing it again, this coming January, and we’re inviting two small groups of people […]

Jul 20th


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Mongolia Re-Capped

Gobi Desert, Mongolia, 2012 There were 15 of us, including drivers, our translator & guide, and the photographers who joined Jeffrey Chapman and I on this month’s Mongolia Within The Frame Adventure. Together, over 10 days, we drove 2200km, almost all of them off-road on punishing trails, through the green steppes of Mongolia and into […]

Jul 20th


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July Desktop Wallpaper

The Singing Dunes, Mongolia, 2012 A little later than usual but I’ve given myself a little more freedom now since there’s no calendar on these things. Hope it’s worth the wait. An hour after I shot this, the photographer in this image walked up to me and apologized, telling me he thought he owed me […]

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