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Aug 5th


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Without The Frame, XI


Some photographs you just love for the stories that surround them and not merely for the ones within the frame. This is one of those. It was taken in Douz, Tunisia, on the northern edge of the Sahara.

It was taken in the midst of some frustration; my expectations had once again got in the way of my seeing things clearly and I wasn’t shooting with a clear mind or eye.

When I shot this I had no idea that the following night would be spent shivering in a French military-issue sleeping bag from WW2 while listening to the snoring and farting of my traveling companion and the camels outside the tent. I had lost my Moleskine notebook the day before, and the following morning I would be tossed unceremoniously off my camel.

I had no idea that two days later I would spend an evening searching out a hammam in Sfax only to be massaged and scrubbed so vigorously I would emerge with the turkish-bath equivalent of rug burn so bad it later scabbed over, and some emotional scarring from the incident.

Nor did I know that I would shrug off a helpful local’s warnings about “les maisons de tolerance” and wander into a one-way alley that comprised Sfax’s decidedly down-market red-light district. I discovered it was one-way only after walking the length of it and fending off the advances of the old, the ugly, and the cross-dressed, only to turn the corner, walk into a wall and have to turn around and run the gauntlet again. I can still feel a finger, wet with what I desperately hoped was saliva, being run across the back of my neck by a woman (I think it was a woman) with twice my age, weight, and facial hair. After a shower the whole thing become much funnier. Kind of.

But that’s the thing, isn’t it? We just never know. And while the photographs I take mean a great deal to me, they won’t ever be a replacement for the experiences that wrap around them and give them so much meaning for me. Don’t mistake photographing life for experiencing it.

May 17th


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Without The Frame, X

Northern Ethiopia, January 2006 I’m tempted to tell you this photograph has nearly nothing to do with me. It was shot, one of three frames, from the window of our beat-up Land Cruiser without slowing down. I saw the scene, knew there was no way I could get it, but tried all the same because […]

Apr 30th


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Without The Frame, IX

February 2008, Mongolia. This is one in a series of shots of this little boy that I return to over and over again. He packed more energy and personality into his little frame than any child I’ve met, and I’ve met many, many children. He had a look in his eyes from the moment we […]

Apr 22nd


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Without The Frame, VIII

January 2007, Nizzamudin, Delhi, INDIA This is one of the first images I shot in what has come to be my favourite countries. India is, simply, an astonishing place. This is the shrine at Nizzamudin, a Suffi place of worship and one of the more magical places I’ve ever been. It’s a place where you […]

Sep 5th


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Without The Frame, VII

Jodhpur, India. January 2006 Jodhpur is known as “the blue city” for the ubiquitous blue walls. The walls, predominantly washed with various shades of cobalt blue in the old city, lend Jodhpur a fairy-tale feel and the back alleys are a riot of blues, greens, and ambers. They are also home to an astonishing density […]

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