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Jun 8th


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Backups Revisited

Over 3 years ago I posted a video podcast about my backup strategies. Things change in that kind of time. Those backup strategies were good, but they’ve changed. But the video is worth watching if for no other reason than to watch one of my cats clean arse in the background the whole time. Sorry about that… :-)

Here’s my current back-up strategy. It’s easier for me. As prices on storage go down some of this is much easier. It’s still pricey, but better than risking the loss of the photographs we love so much and work so hard to create.

On The Field

Images are shot to 2 x 64 GB CF cards on both of my Nikon D3s cameras. I download to a 13″ MacBook Pro with 2 internal harddrives (I took out the optical drive and put in a matching 750GB drive), one of which constantly backs up to the other. I keep the images on my CF cards as well, and don’t format them until I am home and the files are on my studio system.

In The Studio

All photographs go onto a G-Speed Q 8TB RAID drive, and that RAID unit gets backed up to a 4TB G-Speed drive with Super Duper and stored off-site in a Pelican case in case there’s a theft, fire, flood, or swarm of locusts. All my image files are on one Lightroom catalog on my main computer, and those LR catalog files are backed up to my RAID unit each time I shut Lightroom down.

What matters is not the kind of drives you use, though I suggest something reliable – now’s not the time to use budget drives – but that you find a solution that’s redundant, includes an off-site solution, and allows you to sleep at night. Hope this helps.

Hey, on an unrelated note, we announced a 2-day Vancouver seminar yesterday and it filled, with a waiting list that’s as long as the list of participants, within 3 hours. Thank you so much. I’m pumped to meet those of you that got in. We’ll start planning for next year, and maybe do a few of them. Anyways, I’m grateful. Thank you. Sorry this is limited to such a small amount of participants, but I can’t imagine doing this as a large group, just wouldn’t be the same.

Why I Print

Monument Valley, 2011 With the advent of digital photography, and even more importantly, the internet, our ability to share and experience photographs has changed dramatically. The wet darkroom, once so necessary for creating prints we could touch and feel, is much less common than it once was, and if I were a betting man I’d […]

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