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Official Release of DRAWING THE EYE eBook

Drawing-the-eye2DRAWING THE EYE – Creating Stronger Images Through Visual Mass is the third eBook in the series. It’s about understanding and using the ways in which the eye reads a photograph in order to create more powerful images, and it’ll change the way you look at your craft. Broken into 4 parts, Drawing The Eye looks at this concept of visual mass, or visual pull, in concept, in camera, in post-processing, and then through creative exercises related to each of these sections.


Don’t let the egghead title fool you, this is not academia; it’s a real-world discussion about making images that are more powerful because they’re made with a fuller understanding of where the eye moves in an image, and how that understanding can change the way you shoot and process your images.

Like TEN and TEN MORE, DRAWING THE EYE is a 32-page downloadable eBook, in PDF format, and it’s available now for $5. We began selling these for $5 as introductory pricing, and were planning to make the usual pricing $10 but as long as you keep giving me such positive feedback and telling the world about them, I think we’ll just keep them at $5, if that’s cool with you.We’ve switched e-commerce engines too. So many people experienced issues with Lulu that we’re now using the much more reliable E-Junkie, so the whole experience ought to be easy.

You can order it right here, right now with the buttons below, or head over to the bookstore section of the site.

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Apr 28th


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