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A quick 5-minute video to run you through my personal back-up system. Click the screen capture above to see the medium-sized Vimeo version.  If you’d like to download a tiny version for the iPod or iPhone, click HERE.

Well, nearly made it through a whole video without the cats interrupting. Not that I mind when they do but soon y’all are going to get your expectations up and start coming here just for the cats and that’s when they’ll go on strike. Keep an eye out at the end, the cats start doing a scene from Fight Club. They’ve been rehearsing.

Here’s an oversimplified cheatsheet.


When it all comes down to it what matters is not whether I use DVDs or not (I don’t) but whether the system you have works for you well enough that you’ll use it. If your computer blows up or is stolen tomorrow does it leave you high and dry? With the cost of harddrive space these days, there’s no reason not to have some kind of back-up plan, even if it’s not as paranoid as my own.

Got a plan? Share it with us. (And yes, I know I got the date wrong. I recorded this on March 23, a Monday. Sigh…)

Nov 3rd


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Getting Organized with Colour Labels

With my Lightroom catalogs getting fatter and fatter and my images beginning to serve several different markets, I finally got around to making use of the colour labels in a way that is more than totally ad-hoc and half-assed. My usual routine is to use the colours simply in place of collections – it’s a […]

Aug 4th


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Shoot For The Edit

While in Kona recently I sat in on a lecture by Ron Londen, a talented photographer/designer/writer/editor – a man with more talent than one person should have. Anyways it was nice to listen to the thoughts of someone who is on the receiving end of images for a living. If there’s one thing I loathe […]

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