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May 26th


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When I first started blogging I did a Home Office Smackdown and readers sent in pics of their home offices. Very complicated. A friend, Jordan Nielsen, posted something similar this morning and in a moment of boredom I decided to play along and will link this to his comments. I invite you to link yours in mine. Why? Why not? (Click the pic to embiggen it.)

On a side note – anyone out there ever have Photoshop’s Photomerge go through its paces with a small handful of jpgs only to simply end up with nothing at all, as if you’d never started the process? Very strange – for the life of me I can’t get it to work. Gurus feel free to chime in. But only once you’ve shot your office/studio/workspace and linked it in the comments.

May 21st


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Wednesday Miscellanea

Scott Kelby has finally come to his senses and abandoned his No Blog Wednesday policy in favour of Guest Blog Wednesdays. It’s clear the man needs a break, but why make us suffer, right? (Totally kidding, Scott!) – Head over to Photoshop Insider for the first guest post by Vincent Versace. If  you’ve been enjoying […]

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