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May 21st


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Wednesday Miscellanea

tiredofbuttonsScott Kelby has finally come to his senses and abandoned his No Blog Wednesday policy in favour of Guest Blog Wednesdays. It’s clear the man needs a break, but why make us suffer, right? (Totally kidding, Scott!) – Head over to Photoshop Insider for the first guest post by Vincent Versace. If  you’ve been enjoying my recent rants on the geek:artist ratio and the HOW vs. WHY stuff, you’re going to love what Versace has to say about being taken by your photographs.

Brave enough to stare the future of digital imaging in the eye and not flinch? Head over to and look at the Red Cameras – the 5K Epic, the 4K Red One, the 3K Scarlet. Very cool.

It looks like we’ve now filled what we thought was our last space for the Lumen Dei Photographic Workshop and Tour in Kashmir this September, but we’ve been talking and if we hear from you in the next week we can make room for one more – it’s just how the logistics are working out. So – if you’re kicking yourself for not applying, these are literally the final hours. But this is REALLY the last spot, no more joking around.

While we’re talking about travel photography, the website for the Travel Photographer of The Year 2008 competition is now open. As always, the prizes are sweet, and you need to do your due diligence about the rules. If nothing else, look through the galleries of winners from years past – some inspiring stuff in there.

And some reminders:

Have you checked and/or updated the firmware for your camera recently? I just upgraded my 5D bodies today after ignoring it for too long. For some reason it scares the heck outta me.

Have you done your data backups today? This week? If your primary harddrives died right now, how catastrophic would it be? Does the whole thing keep you up at night or make you break into a cold sweat? Consider DROBO.

Calibrate your monitor. It’s even less fun than flossing, but your images will look better.

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