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May 19th


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Mpix – Silly Name, Incredible Prints

mpixThis is likely not the first time you’ve heard about but I need to add my voice to the chorus praising their service and quality.

While I was down at NAPP HQ last month, Scott Kelby was showing me some of the prints he’d had done by Mpix on the Kodak Metallic paper and folks, I was blown away.

One of the things I want most in many of my images is a feeling of luminescence and this paper, combined with the right image and processing, does that. Will it work for all images, no, but then no paper ever really has. Some images work best in matte, some in high gloss. Mpix offers printing on traditional Kodak Professional Portra Endura papers, Kodak Professional Endura Metallic, and Ilford Professional Black and White papers, as well as canvas.

I placed my order late on May 12 and received it today on May 18 – a Sunday. Bear in mind, I live in Canada and I’ve been told US orders arrive much faster. My prints – large 16×24 metallics mounted on double-weight matboard – arrived perfectly packaged and in perfect condition.

As to the quality – it’s gorgeous. I can’t stop staring at these. My photographs have never looked so luminous and perfect. No colour shifts, no plugged-up midtones, no weirdness of any kind. Just big, gorgeous, prints. For the price and the ease, and the fact that Mpix goes to 20×30 starting at $32.00, my Epson R2400 may start seeing even less action than it ever has.

I’ve been putting this experiment off for a while because frankly I just didn’t want to be disappointed. Nothing could be further from it. AND as a bonus – Mpix is running a promotion – join NAPP before June 30, and pay $89 instead of $99. And they’re tossing in a Dave Cross DVD for free. There’s nothing in it for current NAPP members, which kind of rubs me the wrong way (Scott, you’re on this one, right?) but if it gets a few more of you hold-outs into the fold, then more’s the merrier. Click here for the details on the NAPP thing.

Check out the Mpix website to see the whole range of products and pricing.

Jan 29th


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Lightroom Release Announced

Adobe has just announced the full release of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It’s hitting the market at $199USD and ships on February 19. More details here on the Lightroom product site and here on the Rob Galbraith site. In brief, it’ll ship February 19 and the intro price is $199USD, which will go up to $299 […]

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