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Feb 22nd


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Postcard from Hokkaido

A quick hello from Hokkaido, Japan. I’ve got a few seconds to fire this off before we’re back out into the cold with cameras and tripods. I’ll do a fuller re-cap later, but this tour has been truly exceptional. This morning we were up at 4 and out the door an hour later to photograph the Stellar Sea Eagles, and were treated to a truly beautiful morning with the most magnificent birds. It’s a rough learning curve for someone who doesn’t photograph a lot of fast-moving wildlife, but I’m loving the challenge. And even if the photographs all failed to do what I wanted them to, and they didn’t, I’d still be having the time of my life with this group of people and these astonishing birds.

The Vancouver Gathering

On the weekend of August 17-19, I’m inviting 20 people to my home in Vancouver to share a weekend of photography together. We’re skipping the fancy marketing on this one and just calling it the Vancouver Gathering. The Gathering is not really a workshop, that implies work, but I know it’s going to get called […]

Mar 22nd


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Learning from Snow Monkeys

Photograph by Martin Bailey. Next February I’m doing a workshop in Hokkaido, Japan. And by “doing a workshop,” I don’t mean I am teaching or leading one. I’m taking one. Photography is a journey and there is no discipline or teacher from whom we can not learn something. Last year I went to Antarctica with […]

Free Webinars: Manfrotto School of Xcellence

Manfrotto School of Xcellence, Monday Oct. 24, 2011. 2pm – 3pm PDT More information on the Manfrotto site HERE On Tuesday morning I jump in the Jeep and drive down to Syracuse, NY to join Jeffrey Chapman for some spectacular Cambodian/Thai food before we jump an early morning flight on Wednesday to Oaxaco, Mexico for […]

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