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Aug 23rd


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Charge Your Batteries.

This is not Hawaii. Just a random beach. But, oh – the batteries that once got recharged here! I love the beach.

Aloha! I read this this morning over coffee,

“The batteries that keep my cameras working might as well die in the darkness of my camera bag if my personal batteries are not constantly recharged by the direct encounters with the natural world that first gave me the burning desire to interpret that experience in photographs.”

Galen Rowell, The Inner Game of Outdoor Photography.

I have nothing to add, except that this is a book well worth reading.

It’s Monday and I am now roughing it at the Hyatt Regency in Maui in preparation for the Maui Photo Festival. I’m hoping to do some actual relaxing and not planning to do much photography but I may find my personal batteries charge faster than I expect, in which case I’ll drop you a postcard and let you know how things are going. Otherwise, you can find me on the beach with Galen Rowell and something cold and wet to drink.

Jul 26th


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And We’re Back. Kind of.

This weekend’s free online CreativeLIVE class on Vision Driven Photography was a lot of fun. And exhausting. And a real stretch for me. I find events like that, and teaching that kind of subject matter, very challenging. Which is why I did it (instead of staying at home and watching endless DVDs of HOUSE M.D. […]

Jul 23rd


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Join us on CreativeLIVE today.

Good morning, folks. It’s 9:50am on Friday the 23rd here in Seattle. We’re almost an hour away from going live on the CreativeLIVE VisionDriven Photography weekend. I’d tell you I’m excited – which I am – but I think the overriding emotion right now is something more like terror. Lots of deep yogic breathing going […]

Jul 20th


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Come Learn With Me. 2011 Workshops.

I’m limiting my workshops this year to these four, my Kenyan Safari (keep reading for details), the annual Lumen Dei trip to Northern India, and one we’re still planning, to Mexico for Day of the Dead. And maybe Kathmandu again. If you’d like to spend time with me in a small group setting working on […]

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