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Jul 26th


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And We’re Back. Kind of.

This weekend’s free online CreativeLIVE class on Vision Driven Photography was a lot of fun. And exhausting. And a real stretch for me. I find events like that, and teaching that kind of subject matter, very challenging. Which is why I did it (instead of staying at home and watching endless DVDs of HOUSE M.D. or something). I mentioned in the class that those things you are most scared of doing are usually the very things you most need to do, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go into this weekend with a mix of excitement and fear. Anyways, it’s done now – huge thanks to all who sat in, who participated, and who came in person to be part of things.

I hope those of you that took the time to watch, and overcame some of the troubling technical issues, got some bang for your buck in terms of time invested. I hope you came out seeing something a little differently, or a little more free to embrace the frustrations, fears, doubts, and chaos of the artistic process. Remember there is nothing wrong with a messy process, that a sterile process most often results in sterile art, and the world doesn’t need more of that.

I’m about to hit the road, so I’ll be on the blog a couple more times this week and then mostly absent until I get home from Iceland on the 10th.

Again, thank you so much for being part of things this weekend. You can still get the course as a download HERE, though the early-bird discount is over.

Jul 23rd


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Join us on CreativeLIVE today.

Good morning, folks. It’s 9:50am on Friday the 23rd here in Seattle. We’re almost an hour away from going live on the CreativeLIVE VisionDriven Photography weekend. I’d tell you I’m excited – which I am – but I think the overriding emotion right now is something more like terror. Lots of deep yogic breathing going […]

Jul 20th


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Come Learn With Me. 2011 Workshops.

I’m limiting my workshops this year to these four, my Kenyan Safari (keep reading for details), the annual Lumen Dei trip to Northern India, and one we’re still planning, to Mexico for Day of the Dead. And maybe Kathmandu again. If you’d like to spend time with me in a small group setting working on […]

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