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Oct 19th


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Creative Mix Vancouver


On Thursday I’ll be spending the day with a chunk of Vancouver’s creative community. The conference is called Creative Mix and unlike so many other conferences where you learn skills and hang out in a ghetto of your industry peers (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), this one’s different. Music executives, people from the advertising world, performance artisits, visual artists, and more are getting together to discuss not their skills but the thing that we share in common – Creativity itself. If this were a bunch of photographers we might use the word Vision to describe this foundational asset – the thing from which your craft springs. We’re talking about how the process of creating, coming up with ideas, and living a life of creativity happens.

There will be speakers (I’m speaking about Creativity & Constraint), an after-event Think&Drink, a small short film installation, and more. More information about Creative Mix Vancouver is HERE, but the short strokes: Thursday Oct. 22nd.  at the Roundhouse. Cost is $159, $129 for students. Come, join me there, and invest in the one thing that you actually make a life and a living with – your inspiration.

Sep 12th


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Postcards From Delhi

A quick postcard from Delhi. I hit the ground in Delhi around 1am on the 11th, spent the 12th with Gavin Gough (above) and yesterday, the 13th, with Gavin and Matt Brandon. Today, the 14th, the three of us will add Ami Vitale to our number, and tomorrow we’ll add 8 more and begin the […]

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