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Jan 17th


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Postcards from the Maasai Mara


A quick hello from the Maasai Mara and one of the most relaxing trips I’ve taken in a long while. Free from the pressure I feel when lugging around my large lenses and pro-bodies, I’ve photographed wide, chased the light when it’s there, and otherwise let the moments come while introducing my mother to this place I love so much. We’ve seen so much game, and while anyone who’s been here during migration would think our sightings meager, we’ve offset the challenge of finding that game with the fact that we’ve got this camp to ourselves and see very little in the way of other vehicles during our game drives. Still, we’ve seen the Big Five (Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Rhino) and so much more. Tomorrow morning we take a balloon over the savannah – something that’s been on my Mom’s bucket list for a long while.

I’m still writing a post about the gear I’ve brought on this trip, but it’s reminded me again of something, which I wrote on Facebook yesterday – that when our biggest challenge as photographers is finding the right, or best, gear, and not chasing great moments, finding compelling compositions, or beautiful light, we’ve lost the heart of what’s possible with this craft. It’s easy to get lost in it. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that very thing. No Leica, Hasselblad, or other fancy box with a lens, is going to find that light, those moments, or compositions for us. So at some point soon I’ll post some thoughts about the gear I’ve brought on this trip. But don’t get too excited, it’s nothing new. Just gear that makes some things easier and other things harder. The best of my photographs still come from a different place. Heart. Imagination. Play. An ability to perceive. We’re working, even with some of the most basic, entry level cameras, with gear that masters of the last century couldn’t conceive of. Generally speaking, the best gear no more guarantees amazing photographs than the cheapest, oldest, gear, prevents them.

I hope you’re well. Forgive the lack of interactions in the comments and social media, I’ve got internet access but prefer to stay in the moment here and I’ve got 1700 square kilometers of glory to explore.

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Jan 14th


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The Natural Portrait

Today Craft & Vision releases Andrew S. Gibson’s comprehensive introduction to natural light portraiture – not surprisingly titled, The Natural Portrait. Like some of our most recent books, this one’s big – it’s 240 pages and it covers a really wide gamut of topics from working with models, to lens choices, camera settings, light considerations, […]

Jan 8th


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Postcards from Lalibela

A week ago a group of us landed in Lalibela, Ethiopia about the same time as thousands of orthodox pilgrims were arriving from all over the country. We spent the last week in this high dusty town, walking among the centuries-old churches, all carved from the red rock on which this town sits, and waiting […]

Dec 30th


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2013 Retrospective

Kenya, January 2013. It’s the nature of time to go too quickly. Maybe that’s one of the reasons photography works so well for me: in making time one of our raw materials we pay more attention to it, honouring it down to thousandths of a second, more present, more perceptive. I wish paying more attention […]

Dec 28th


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Mirrorless to Africa

In a couple days I fly to Africa for almost 6 weeks. A week in Lalibela, Ethiopia, then to Kenya to spend 10 ten days in my beloved Maasai Mara to take my mother on her first safari, and then to Zanzibar for over two weeks to get my scuba certification and spend time with […]