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Nov 21st


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Another one for the Paranoid

A quick tip for the paranoid travelling photographer.

Your Gmail Safety Deposit Box
Worried about losing stuff while you travel? Send an email to yourself at an internet-based email service, like Gmail before you travel. I copy a list of my important serial numbers, copies of my passports, and a list of “Oh Shit!” numbers – insurance, medical, client numbers, consulates, etc.- if my passports get stolen I have a good scan of both of them in my gmail inbox. If my credit card goes missing – same thing – I have emergency numbers accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connect – and I have yet to be where there isn’t one.

Take a moment and make some lists, email them to yourself, and they’ll always be there for you.

Customs Concerns? Keep Your Receipts
If you’ve ever worried about being held up in customs with your gear, you can either get a customs carnet which is an increasing hassle. Or you can keep a copy of the receipts for your gear. I keep an envelope in my bag -it contains copies of receipts for my laptop, cameras, and lenses. Weighs next to nothing and is an easy proof that your gear came from where you said it did. If you’re scanning these and printing them, take an extra minute and email them to the same account you sent the other stuff to.

Remember, a little paranoia goes along way.