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Dec 18th


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Because Vincent LaForet Says So.

Vincent LaForet was in Vancouver this fall with the Canon CPS Expo. He gave a very inspiring talk, and in the course of the lecture unloaded a few gems that put words to some ideas I’d been mulling around. A side comment he made while discussing lens behaviour was that the Canon 70-200/2.8L IS lens was the single most versatile lens Canon makes, and that the lions’ share of commercial and published images shot with Canon bodies were also shot with this lens.

Two days before I left for this recent assignment B&H FedExed what has, in a three week period, become my favourite lens. I shoot with two bodies, and until this last assignment those bodies sported a 135/2.0L and a 24-70/2.8L most of the time. This trip about 80% of my images were shot with the new 70-200/2.8L IS.

This is an excellent lens – for almost any shooter. LaForet pretty tidily summed it up when he said a professional choses his lens for a particular shot based on it’s compression behaviour – not primarily because it “makes stuff look big” (those ones were my words). In this regard the 70-200/2.8L IS is brilliant. Most of this assignment I shot at greater focal lengths, wider open, and just took a few more steps back – the results was even better backgrounds (another of LaForet’s commandments: thou shalt keep your backgrounds clean and simple)

I don’t want to get techie, this isn’t a review. The colour and contrast on this lens is awesome and th IS gives me more stable shots – very, very sharp stable shots – than ever before. I’m adding this to the top of my favourite lens pile, and now feel an odd kinship with the rest of the Canon shooters who always seemed to have a suspiciously fanatical perspective on this lens. Now I’m drinking the Kool Aid.

Nov 23rd


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This is why we back-up our stuff…

Today was one of “those” days. I’m in the final stages of preparing to leave on assignment and in the middle of doing some routine stuff this morning (backing-up my laptop, ironically) my laptop harddrive died. I’m sick and was hoping for a day of lying around recovering. Instead I spent it freaking out and […]

Nov 22nd


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An Opinion on Copyright.

I’ve spent more time than usual on the blogs and the forums these days, watching a number of youTube video presentations of photographers in action, studio set-ups, and multi-media presentations. As always the quality goes from good to mediocre – but what the majority of these presentations share is an unabashed willingness to use the […]