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Feb 12th


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Lumen Dei: One Day Workshop in Temple, Texas

On April 05, 2008 Matt Brandon and I will be conducting a one day workshop for amateur and intermediate photographers looking to hone their skills.

Digital photography offers an unprecedented level of control as a photographer, but ya gotta know your stuff. This is “know your stuff” bootcamp. We’ll begin the day with a photoshoot and discuss technical and creative issues, then we’ll show you how to use Adobe Lightroom and dip into Photoshop. Lots of time for questions, too. Our goal is to cram your head full to bustin’ with know-how. Our class is limited to 25 so it’s first-come, first-served, but the small class size means you’ll have a fightin’ chance at working through the hard stuff with some personal attention.

9am to 4pm on April 5th, 2008
Location: PDI, 3407 S.31st St., Temple, TX
Cost is $99.00

For more information contact Matt Brandon at 254-231-1517 or

Feb 10th


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Wanna come to Kashmir with me for 2 weeks?

It’s that time again, the shameless plugs now begin. Last year we used shameless pugs and it didn’t work so well, so we’re changing things up and not using dogs at all in our advertising. Turns out we misunderstood the concept… Imagine. Two weeks. Travel back in time and photograph the chaotic streets of Old […]

Feb 8th


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That's it, I quit.

Scott Kelby posted this LINK this morning and it’s honestly some of the most inspiring, soul-touching imagery I’ve ever seen. Aside from making me want to put down my cameras and walk away quietly, it’s just simply wonderful, like the sense of wonder and artistry I get when reading Annie Dillard or CS Lewis. Anyways, […]

Feb 1st


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Mongolia In February

**There’s a subliminal message embedded in this photograph. See if you can find it. I’ve had some questions about my preparation to shoot in Mongolia. It’s a winter shoot, outside, so it comes with challenges I don’t usually face while shooting in Africa, S. America or Asia. Temps right now in Ulaanbataar are running from […]