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Jan 5th


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You Did that on purpose!

If you’ve read this blog or know me personally you know one of my favourite words is INTENTIONALITY. Life happens faster and faster all the time and without putting much effort into it the days slide by and before you know it another year has gone by and it’s still “same old, same old.”

If you were to do three things this year that you did not do last
year – three things that would impact your craft and the way you do
business as a photographer, what would they be?

Here’s my top three lists for your consideration. Pick one or more from each list if you’re an amateur. Pick two from each list if you are transitioning to professional. Pros don’t get a choice at all – we should be doing this stuff – or initiatives like them – as a matter of professional routine.


1. Find another photographer you respect and go shooting with them. If you’re a wedding shooter find someone who does wildlife, if you’re a travel photographer find someone who does fashion. Break the mold, learn something new.

2. Plan to do one self-driven assignment this year – something focussed, something that you’d not normally do, and something that will look great in your portfolio. Call it a marketing expense.

3. Do one seminar, lecture, or convention this year – take a course, do a workshop, find something to do that will stir the paint.


1. Lay out an actual marketing plan this year. Who are you going to market to? How are you going to do it? When and with what initiatives? Put it on paper, budget for it and do it.

2. Rebuild your portfolio – keep it current with your most recent and most compelling work.

3. Do an honest assessment of your current materials – business card, website, etc – does it need replacing, updating, re-focussing?


1. Make this the year you actually create a solid back-up system for your digital assets. Make it organized, redundant, and preferably off-site. The easier you make it, the better chance it’ll happen regularily.

2. Make this the year you buy a hardware-based calibration system for calibrating your monitors, then do it weekly.

3. Plan now for obsolescence/replacement later. You know that 5D you love now? You’re going to want the replacement even more. You might drop it. You might just wear it out. Putting a percentage of your earnings into a gear-fund will hurt less in increments than it will when you need to put a new body on your credit card.

4. Remember, the tax-man cometh. Plan for it.

Want to add to the lists, leave a comment.

Jan 3rd


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GEARLust: Mac Tablet Coming

Produced by Axiotron ( this modded MacBook is pretty slick, and for those of us who’ve come to know and love the Wacom tablets, it’s hard not to get a terminal case of gear-lust when looking at this. Available with optional GPS installed. They should be shipping within US and Canada soon. More info HERE.

Jan 1st


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Update re. Flying With Batteries

Boy this is fun. Ok, here’s an update via Flying With Fish. Here’s his post: Link HERE And here’s the link to the TSA page: Link HERE But for the lazy and in the inevitable event that the link above dies: Effective January 1, 2008, the Department of Transportation (DOT) through the Pipeline and Hazardous […]