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Feb 8th


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That's it, I quit.

Scott Kelby posted this LINK this morning and it’s honestly some of the most inspiring, soul-touching imagery I’ve ever seen. Aside from making me want to put down my cameras and walk away quietly, it’s just simply wonderful, like the sense of wonder and artistry I get when reading Annie Dillard or CS Lewis.

Anyways, sorry to leave you with so little these days. Busy time of year. Your time will be well-rewarded spent looking at the images of Rarindra Prakarsa – link HERE

I haven’t taken the bait just yet, but if you’re looking to get you some learnin’ the fine follks at Kelby Training – I swear Scott Kelby is a robot with superpowers – have an online video-based training service that, from my first glance, looks well worth the money. For $20 a month you can have access to tutorial videos by some of the best educators in all things Adobe and Photographic. NAPP members get it for something like $17/mo. – link HERE – Could be some of the best money you spend on your professional development.

A couple of my current daily reads from the blogosphere:

Scott Kelby is always my first stop – HERE
Joe McNally has just started blogging – HERE
Chase Jarvis has an excellent blog, though like me he’s not a daily read – HERE
Strobist – All things flash-related, This one’s becoming so big it qualifies as a cult, but the Kool-Aid’s ok. -HERE
Moose Peterson has a great blog – HERE
Flying With Fish, for tips re. flying as a photographer – HERE
Lighstalkers – An excellent resource for travelling/assignment photographers – HERE

Feb 1st


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Mongolia In February

**There’s a subliminal message embedded in this photograph. See if you can find it. I’ve had some questions about my preparation to shoot in Mongolia. It’s a winter shoot, outside, so it comes with challenges I don’t usually face while shooting in Africa, S. America or Asia. Temps right now in Ulaanbataar are running from […]

Jan 25th


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Tell Me A Story, II – New Article Posted

My latest article on creating a sense of Story/Narrative within the frame is now up over at – Link HERE. I will also post it in the article archives to the left under Additional Articles. As always, your thoughts, feedback, and dialogue is welcome. Thanks especially to Trevor Meier who helped me iron out […]

Jan 24th


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Think Tank Photo: Digital Holster Review

A month ago I decided to try the same set-up Karl Grobl uses. See THIS POST for the low-down. The goal was this – a working set-up that allowed me to shoot with two pro-sized bodies, lens hoods in place, and no bag to have to set down and fiddle with everytime I got shooting. […]

Jan 23rd


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Tunisia Pics Posted

For the eager ones, I’ve posted a gallery of selects from my Tunisia trip – there are more here than I will eventually post in my portfolio, but these are for the keeners. I do have a favour to ask of you however – if any of these particularily strike you as either excellent or […]