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May 19th


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On Assignment :: Back June 17

This is a little premature, but the coming days are a little nutty and I’m unsure I’ll have a chance to post again. If I do, consider it a bonus.

On Wednesday I head to India for the Lumen Dei tour with co-founder and co-leader and exceptional photographer and friend Matt Brandon – we’ll be in Delhi for a few days, Agra briefly, and then Kashmir for the rest of our time. After we see our students off at the end I will be joining my wife in Delhi and flying to Kathmandu for a week.

I return June 17 and look forward to reconnecting with you all then. If I have a chance to update this I will, but consider it unlikely.

In the meantime keep your eyes on – they should be publishing the latest in my Lessons Learned On Assignment series in the coming days. Look for the one about Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Uganda.

See you soon.

May 14th


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Portable USB Printer: ZINK

I saw an ad for this in the recent issue of PDN. It’s something I’ve talked to a number of photographers about and I am really excited I’m not the only one who thunk the same thoughts I’ve thunk. Those thoughts being something like “wouldn’t it be awesome if someone made a pocket-sized USB printer […]

May 12th


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A Couple Lightroom Things

1. Thanks to Jordan at the DigitalExplorer for showing this to me – I’ve been on the Inside Lightroom site alot but haven’t spent much time experimenting with the presets – of which there are a great many, most of them a little too experimental for my needs/wants. But this one – 300 – rocks. […]