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May 11th


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Fluid Galleries – Anyone Want a 50% deal?

I have a friend who’s getting in on the Evrium Two For One deal in June and he’s looking for someone to go halvesies (I can’t believe I just wrote that word with a straight face). So, if you’re interested in the Evrium Fluid Galleries software and you want a deal, please leave a comment and we’ll set you up with my friend.

If there is more than one who gets in on the deal I’ll match people up and you can all go in together in pairs. I just ask that in return for the favour you list me (david duchemin) as your referrer so I can get a kick back and pay off the bad men at the camera store who keep taking my money. Any takers?

For those unfamiliar with it, Fluid Galleries is the software I use to run my own portfolios. I’ve reviewed it here. And here.

More info here: EVRIUM.COM

May 8th


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Composition: Dynamic Balance II

Lesson: Dynamic Composition II If, as we discussed in the first lesson, the elements in the frame have mass – the greater the visual pull of an element, the greater the mass – how do those elements interact with the frame to acheive a sense of dynamic balance? Good question. Glad you asked. Remember the […]