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Jan 23rd


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Tunisia Pics Posted

For the eager ones, I’ve posted a gallery of selects from my Tunisia trip – there are more here than I will eventually post in my portfolio, but these are for the keeners.

I do have a favour to ask of you however – if any of these particularily strike you as either excellent or “what the heck were you thinking?” please leave a comment at the end of this post.

Most photographers I know struggle to edit their own work – sometimes the images we like the most we like because we associate with the memory of being there, or the moment, and really those things don’t count. Unless it’s in the frame it doesn’t matter – or the photographer should have done a better job of getting it in the frame. Likewise we sometimes overlook an image because we read into it the fact that we didn’t quite make it say what we wanted. This trip was a challenge and I’ve looked at these images so long I can’t see the forest for the trees. Or the trees for the forest. Your comments would be appreciated.

So, here’s the link – CLICK HERE. I’d welcome your feedback.

Jan 21st


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Tunisia: Coming Home

I’ll keep this relatively short and post something longer in the coming day or two. It’s my last day in Tunisia; I’m in Sfax in a cafe within the walls of the medina, having mint tea and the smoothest chicha in the country. It’s been a great trip but a tough one photographically – I’ll […]

Jan 5th


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You Did that on purpose!

If you’ve read this blog or know me personally you know one of my favourite words is INTENTIONALITY. Life happens faster and faster all the time and without putting much effort into it the days slide by and before you know it another year has gone by and it’s still “same old, same old.” If […]

Jan 3rd


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GEARLust: Mac Tablet Coming

Produced by Axiotron ( this modded MacBook is pretty slick, and for those of us who’ve come to know and love the Wacom tablets, it’s hard not to get a terminal case of gear-lust when looking at this. Available with optional GPS installed. They should be shipping within US and Canada soon. More info HERE.