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Nov 4th


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only on the fringes of obscurity

On the interweb these days, via The Google.

The Travel Photographer wrote: "I chanced upon the glorious travel photography website of David duChemin…"(The Travel Photographer, btw, is an excellent blog by a man who’s seen a ridiculous amount of this planet)

An article in JPG Magazine, by Eniko Lorinczi concludes, "I conclude with the reflections of a photographer whom I admire
profoundly and who roams the roads that I’d like to roam one day.

"Anyone can take a picture of poverty; it’s easy to
focus on the dirt and hurt of the poor. It’s much harder – and much
more needful – to pry under that dirt and reveal the beauty and dignity
of people that, but for their birth into a place and circumstance
different from our own, are just like ourselves. I want my images to
tell the story of those people and to move us beyond pity to justice
and mercy." (David duChemin)

Tim Goodspeed quotes me,

"Travel photography at its heart is about capturing your vision, thoughts, feelings, about the spirit of a place. Before you can tell those things to others in a truthful, compelling way, you must first take the time to feel something true and compelling about a place and you can’t do that thinking about how to force a scene into your viewfinder or comply with the rule of thirds. You have to slow down. You have to listen, hear, touch; engage all your senses. You have to get out of the car, train, rickshaw, and walk. And you have to walk the same paths every day, meet some people, drink some chai, until you come to see a place through your own eyes, feel something about it strongly enough that your photographs speak what you feel, and not what you ought to say" – David duChemin, Travel Photographer writes, "You just have to look at the absolutely stunning photographs of India by a photographer such as .
You will definitely be in awe. These are truly beautiful and amazing
photographs. He must have experienced the true essence of India and its
people to have captured such magic in his photos."

I’m truly flattered and humbled by these references. They’re pinpoints of light for me that tell me I’m on the right track. I’ve never been a fan of self-assessment. It’s important that I like my work, but more important that it resonates with others. So, thanks…

Nov 3rd


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A Plan for the Paranoid. And the Prepared.

In my unending quest for redundancy and the safety of both my data and ability to work while on the field, I’ve learned a few things. Recent conversations on the Travel Photographers Network have had me thinking about these things again. I thought I’d share my own system for surviving disaster on the road. The […]

Nov 2nd


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Ten Great Gifts for the Travelling Photographer

Christmas is coming. So is my birthday. So, overlooking the fact that the perfect gift for the guy who has everything is nothing at all, these are my top-ten great gifts for the travelling photographer. If you’re the spouse of a photographer, look at it this way – they’ll probably buy this stuff, or stuff […]

Oct 27th


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My Next Bag, Revisited

Just over a week ago I wrote a post about my hunt for the perfect carry-on bag. A number of you chimed in on the topic and it pushed me to do a little more looking and thinking. In the end I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m on the right track. Given the needs […]