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May 3rd


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The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book – Scott Kelby. Thoughts on Chapter Two.

Chapter Two is a long one. It covers the Library Module and as such there is a tonne of information to cover. Even for someone who thought he really "got" Lightroom already I learned alot.

Here’s a tip – read the whole thing carefully, with Lightroom open in front of you. There are alot of little details hidden in the paragraphs. One thing I think this book could benefit from – and this is not a criticism, it’s an observation about the risk of having too much good content – is some kind of icon system that visually says "here’s a keyboard shortcut" or "here’s a power-user tip". There’s so much good stuff in here it is easy to miss and could also be hard to find again in a pinch – so I read with a marker and makes stars and notes in the top of the right-hand page.

Ok, so here’s what gets covered:

Interface keyboard shortcuts – which have already made things a little more fluid for me.

Using Grid, Loupe, Survey, and Compare views

Sorting photos – something of a beginning-to-end sorting workflow. Not the way I do it, but at least as good. Kelby spends alot of time on flagging and rating and it gives you a solid idea of how beneficial a workflow that’s been thought out from beginning to end can be.

Collections and Sub-collections – Which I confess I under-use. But I’m in the process of figuring out my own flow, so at some point I will replace my previous system and use these – way easier. But the problem with moving to a new system is that you’ve got so much stuff still leaning on the old system and moving those old files is no fun at all. Soon. Veerrry soon.

Keywords, Stamping, Metadata, Stacking (and some great stacking shortcuts – for example CMD+G will stack selected photos without clicking through the menues. Want to expand a stack quickly? Click the stack and hit S – blammo!) The metadata section is worth camping out in for a while – very helpful.

Identity plate stuff

Folder stuff – which is really key to understanding how Lightroom sees your images and how you can use lightroom to move things around and be organized.

Working with Multiple libraries (Matt Brandon, see pages 104-109)

Sorry I’m not doing much more than a summary, but the reality is that there’s so much good stuff in here you just need to get the book. Beside Scott Kelby numbers himself as one of my fans and I could never betray that trust and copy his content here. BUT let me say this – there is a tonne of info here and having spent a couple hours working through it I am more comfortable with Lightroom and it’s capabilities. As always, Kelby makes the learning easy. A couple format changes would help break down the content into more bite-sized pieces.

I can’t recommend using this book as the foundation of your thinking as you create a cohesive workflow that you consistently use – the more consistent your flow is the faster you’ll work, the more sure you’ll be of your data, and the more able you will be to find images when you’re looking – not to mention protecting them with the right metadata. If you do it all as part of the flow it becomes second nature – and Lightroom allows you to do so much almost automatically that there is no excuse for not embedding metadata and assigning keywords.

May 1st


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Without The Frame, III

Varanasi, India, January 2007 This is one of my favourite images. It was taken on a day filled with frustration and in the middle of that day this moment of serenity and joy was injected. Varanasi is one of the holiest cities in India. It sits on the banks of the river Ganges, a holy […]