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Nov 23rd


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This is why we back-up our stuff…

Today was one of “those” days. I’m in the final stages of preparing to leave on assignment and in the middle of doing some routine stuff this morning (backing-up my laptop, ironically) my laptop harddrive died. I’m sick and was hoping for a day of lying around recovering. Instead I spent it freaking out and running around. In the end I took my laptop and my most recent back-up drive to my friend Rick at the Mac Market in Vancouver. He dropped a new drive in and restored it from the back-up. I lost a few emails and odds and ends from the last day or two, nothing more. This, class, is why we practice paranoia, and hone it to a razor-sharp edge.

I also bought a second digital data-bank and dropped a 120gb drive into it – because now I’m scared as hell that my laptop is going to die again and I want more than redundant systems, I want to be able to back-up my images even if the four horsemen of the technological apocalypse ride in and open the seven seals on me.

Then I got home and the internal battery that keeps date/time stuff current in my 5D died. So another errand to find a couple of those and dig out one of those little tiny screwdrivers for unscrewing little smurf-sized screws.

Lessons learned – shit happens and usually all at the same time.

*If you emailed me today and I didn’t reply – try again, it might be one of the unread emails now sitting at the bottom of the sea of lost harddrives.

** Turns out the MacBook drives are notorious for overheating and dying. So I also got one of these: KoolSink

Nov 22nd


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An Opinion on Copyright.

I’ve spent more time than usual on the blogs and the forums these days, watching a number of youTube video presentations of photographers in action, studio set-ups, and multi-media presentations. As always the quality goes from good to mediocre – but what the majority of these presentations share is an unabashed willingness to use the […]

Nov 21st


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Another one for the Paranoid

A quick tip for the paranoid travelling photographer. Your Gmail Safety Deposit Box Worried about losing stuff while you travel? Send an email to yourself at an internet-based email service, like Gmail before you travel. I copy a list of my important serial numbers, copies of my passports, and a list of “Oh Shit!” numbers […]