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Oct 25th


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Tell Me A Story?


I’m in the middle of writing a couple articles on storytelling within a photograph, one of my favourite theoretical hobbyhorses. I’ll have them up when they’re eventually finished.

I wanted to toss this out there and ask a favour of you. I get about 500 readers a day and I don’t ask this often, but I’d like some feedback from y’all.


What does it mean, for you, to tell a story in a photograph?
What makes a good storytelling photograph for you?
As a photographer do you think it’s important to tell a story in an image?
How do you do that?
Do you have any questions about story and photography?

I’ve got pages of thinking on this, but I’d love to hear from you. Consider your feedback the small price you pay for me putting my heart and soul into this site. Lines are open…go!

Oct 25th


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Street Portraits: Giving and Taking

Laura writes: When you have a chance, it’d be great to hear how, early in your career, you became more efficent and comfortable approaching strangers and photographing them. How’d you build up the courage? What are some “never do this…” hints? Do you think there’s a difference approach for women than men, both as the […]