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Aug 19th


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RIP 12" PowerBook

Yesterday the 12″ Powerbook I most love for travelling died in the arms of my wife. Unhappily we trudged to MacStation for the 3rd time this month and picked up a 13″ MacBook. I’ve been dreading this day. Apple decided to discontinue the 12″ Powerbook when the MacBook Pros came out, and I have been loathing the idea of a transition to a MacBook, but knew that the size (13″) of the MacBook would in the end trump the performance and shiny of the MacBook Pro.

Buying a new laptop is a painful experience for me. It means my old batteries don’t fit, my old case(s) don’t fit, and my old AC cables don’t fit. In short, it means a whole pile of new accessories which I’m loathe to spend money on. It’s also an experience that comes with the uncertainty of “what if I hate the new machine? Or what if it doesn’t perform?”

After 24 hours with this little MacBook ( I got the black one – faster, bigger HDD) – I’m pleased to say I prefer it to any of my previous PowerBooks. I will miss the backlit keyboard. On the plus side, the resolution of the 13″ screen is actually greater than the resolution of the 15″ PowerBook – so I feel like I got a smaller machine without reverting to a tiny screen. I have a feeling that for travelling photographers the 13″ MacBooks are going to be the Apple laptop of choice.

Aug 12th


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How I Learned To Love Printing in Lightroom

After yesterday’s driver debacle I decided to finally take the bull by the horns and dig further under the hood and take my printing in Lightroom one step further. I took all this straight from Scott Kelby’s Lightroom book so if this stuff interests you at all, go buy the book. I’m posting this not […]