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Nov 7th


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Chase Jarvis: NYC Lecture

Take some time and watch this lecture. It’ll take 55 minutes out of your day and enrich your career and inspire you. Seriously. Chase Jarvis is a breath of fresh air. (ht to brad for the link – thanks)

Link HERE.

My favourite quote: "fear not." With so much fear-mongering about the future of photography, it’s so nice to hear from another pro who’s thinking generously and positively. And his career gives him the "street cred" that makes his voice worth listening to.

Chase has a great blog too. Link HERE

Nov 6th


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Travel Photography is Dead *Updated*

I’ve now heard “travel photography is dead” from the mouths and pens of people who “know what they’re talking about” several times in the last week. My initial reaction was a defensive, “the hell it is! You can have my travel photography when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!” But I’ve chewed on […]

Nov 3rd


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A Plan for the Paranoid. And the Prepared.

In my unending quest for redundancy and the safety of both my data and ability to work while on the field, I’ve learned a few things. Recent conversations on the Travel Photographers Network have had me thinking about these things again. I thought I’d share my own system for surviving disaster on the road. The […]