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Dec 16th


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Returning From Assignment

It’s been a long three weeks. I had honestly hoped I’d have some time and internet access and be able to get a post or two in before I returned, but it’s just not been possible. I’m in Frankfurt now, with another 4 hours of layover ahead of me before beginning the final leg of the journey.

I’ve had a great trip, but it’s been truly gruelling. Trips like this wear thin the romance and the glamour this profession is seen to have. I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I seem to get some kind of sick Hemingwayan pleasure out of bumping around the back paths of Africa in a Land Cruiser, but this has been three solid weeks of mostly 14-16 hour days, with a couple long travel days in between.

A few things to catch you up to date.

Travel Photographer of the Year, Finalist.
I was pleased to find that I was a finalist in the Travel Photographer of the Year competition. It’s heartbreaking to put so much work into a print-based competition and not win, but finalist is nice in such a large and prestigious competition.

Photoshop User Magazine, Featured Photographer.
Just before I left on assignment the folks at Photoshop User magazine asked if I would be their featured photographer in the Jan/Feb 2008 issue. They asked me to wait until it went to print before I said anything about it. Last week I got an email letting me know the issue had gone to print, so keep your eyes open for the Jan/Feb issue.

Upcoming Assignment, Mongolia in February?

I’m told by my favourite client that the chances of me spending a week shooting in Mongolia this February are very strong. I am very, very, very excited about that possibility. Less excited about how cold it might be. While I’ve shot in a Russian winter and lived in Winnipeg for two of them, living in Vancouver has made me soft, I tremble at the thought of a solid night of frost. Time to dig out the long underwear.

Chase Jarvis has consented to let me pick his brain and bring some of the findings to my readers and the members of this little, but loyal, community. Chase is a sought-after advertising photographer with a strong desire to give back to the photographic community and the world in general, and pretty much everything he says or writes is worth listening to. I’m excited about bringing that to you when I can.

My annual portfolio trip is coming fast. I’ve hardly given it much thought over the last three weeks but suddenly it occurs to me I will be in Tunisia in only three weeks. I’m sorry to say this means another blog hiatus during that two week period. I’ll do what I can to make up for it with some solid content both before and after. I’m looking forward to this trip – we’re travelling light and have no real itinerary except a loose idea of what we’d like to see and do.


More to come, including some thoughts on my new favourite lens. Thanks for sticking out this hiatus with me.

Nov 23rd


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This is why we back-up our stuff…

Today was one of “those” days. I’m in the final stages of preparing to leave on assignment and in the middle of doing some routine stuff this morning (backing-up my laptop, ironically) my laptop harddrive died. I’m sick and was hoping for a day of lying around recovering. Instead I spent it freaking out and […]

Nov 22nd


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An Opinion on Copyright.

I’ve spent more time than usual on the blogs and the forums these days, watching a number of youTube video presentations of photographers in action, studio set-ups, and multi-media presentations. As always the quality goes from good to mediocre – but what the majority of these presentations share is an unabashed willingness to use the […]

Nov 21st


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Another one for the Paranoid

A quick tip for the paranoid travelling photographer. Your Gmail Safety Deposit Box Worried about losing stuff while you travel? Send an email to yourself at an internet-based email service, like Gmail before you travel. I copy a list of my important serial numbers, copies of my passports, and a list of “Oh Shit!” numbers […]