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Oct 3rd


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Thursday, October 4

Tomorrow’s post will be a simple one. I will be joining with thousands of other bloggers to express my outrage over the situation in Burma, to say "this is not ok". I’m not naive enough to think these actions will miraculously overturn a dark regime, but I’m hopeful enough to believe that if enough of us take seriously the role of resister, witness, and defender – the world will be different. Sometime we shout to beat down the darkness, sometime we shout so the darkness doesn’t beat us down.

In posting this I want to honour japanese journo Nagai Kenji who died this week as he did his job while kicking at the darkness, and the burmese monks who are peacefully standing against the regime.

See you Friday.

Oct 3rd


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High Dynamic Range

In terms of light, digital camera sensors are incapable of seeing the kind of range that the human eye can see. So in a scene with heavy highlights and dark shadows, the human eye can process both and retain details in the light and shadows. The camera can’t yet do this. So in these situations […]

Sep 25th


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Scott Kelby on Air Travel

There’s an interesting post and discussion on Scott Kelby’s blog entitled: Air Travel Just Got Worse For Photographers – check it out. Additionally, just published my most recent article in the Lessons Learned on Assignment series – this one is about your first assignment. Unfortunately the initial posting begins my article about half-way through […]