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Nov 20th


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Gifts for the Travelling Photographer

Welcome to Photoshop TV viewers. The original Top Ten list for Travelling Photographers is HERE

Looking for more ideas? Here’s a few that didn’t make the original list.

1. Hoodman HoodLoupe. I know Scott Kelby plugs this alot, but it’s amazing and travelling photographers are shooters who spend time outside, where this really shines. Link HERE

2. Jobo Giga Vu Pro Evolution – The Epson P3000/P5000 gets all the press, but my experience with them was less than stellar. The Jobo unit however seems to not only function as well, or better, but is built for life on the road. It’s armoured and built like a tank. And it comes in capacities up to 120GB. Link HERE

3. Solar Charger from Bulldog PowerPak – No power, no batteries, no shooting. If you’re on the Mongolian Steppes or in the Sahara and you got there by horse or camel, you’re going to need power. These units come in a smallish Pelican case and can power all your gear. Link HERE

4. Water Filter from Seychelle Filters – I use tablets for short-term use, but if you’re gone for a while and off the beaten track, a water filter will prevent all kinds of badness. Focussing while vomitting is tough work, harder still with diahrea. Link HERE

5. Universal Plug Adaptor – Road Warrior – These are adaptors, not convertors, but as most gear is dual-voltage these days, this may be all you need. Link HERE

6. Arctic Butterfly Sensor Brush Bundle – The spotty sensor is the curse of the digital age. For most of us it’s a reality that we just learn to deal with. Carrying a sensor-cleaning kit isn’t even optional for most of us. This one has it all – brushes, sensor loupe, swabs. Link HERE

7. Membership with NAPP – For all the resources NAPP provides for the cost of membership it practically pays for itself – Link HERE

8. A language course from Rosetta Stone – Learn a little french, spanish, or Hindi and you’ll be that much closer to connecting with the cultures you want to photograph, or asking for a ride to the ruins, or ordering water bufallo momos. Mmmmmmm…Momos. Link HERE

9. A camera strap from UpStrap. Truly amazing straps. Most of the gifts I’ve suggested are over $100 – these straps aren’t. And your favourite photographer will love (no – LOOOOOOVE) it. Link HERE

10. Still can’t decide on something? A gift certificate from B&H photo comes nicely packaged with a catalog and puts that painful task of deciding back into the hands of your favourite photographer. Link HERE.

Got a favourite, or an item you’d like to see under the tree? We’d love to hear about it.