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Jun 18th


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Review: Hardigg Storm Case


Two months ago Hardigg Storm Case got on board as sponsors of the Pixelated Image, not long after that the UPS guy showed up with a two new Storm Cases in time for me to travel to Kashmir and Nepal. I’ve used the cases daily for a month now and wanted to make good on my promise earlier to give you a review. It’ll be a little stream-of-consciousness, that’s due to jet-lag.

First, I love the cases. The only downside I found was one that comes with the territory – the cases themselves are not light. So the large case, which you see in the photo above, if packed to the gills with photo gear alone, would be monstrously heavy. I packed my large case with a mix of photo gear, my sleeping bag, and warm clothes – knowing that if the skies opened up – and they did – that my key gear would be dry as a bone. And it was.

The features. I love it all. The handles are comfortable, the latches open smoothly without breaking fingers, and the roller wheels are smooth and solid. The pull-out handle is strong too – if not a little tricky to get up with only one hand. The custom insert I have is gorgeous, but because of weight restrictions I left it at home this trip.

The benefits. The knowledge that my gear is protected from impact, dust, and water, gives me real peace of mind. My gear spends alot of time in airports, in the backs of Land Cruisers, and the tops of Indian taxis. On this trip it spent alot of time on the backs of ponies for the trek. I knew when it got where we were going that my stuff would be safe and dry. It is also so nice to live and work out of cases and not bags. Bags have their place, but on a long assignment it’s so nice to have a place my gear can call home – one that’s easily accessed, and easily locked shut and shackled to something solid.

Storm Cases are really well built, and the security they give my gear brings me almost to delirious happiness. Seriously. My carry on is the perfect size, and it’s great to be pulling my over-weight box and not humping a backpack around. I still bring my LowePro bags and work out of them daily, but for travelling and storage, my Storm Cases are my new favourite.

More information on Storm Case and why they are stronger, better, faster (ok, I made the last one up, but it sounds good, right?) than the competition is available on the Storm Case site, HERE.

Jun 12th


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Raining in Kathmandu

It’s early in Kathmandu and the town is under a veil of cloud and rain. So prone to falling in love with the people and places I travel to, I immediately fell in love with this city – which makes my frustration at not being able to shoot much all the more painful. We drive […]