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Oct 30th


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Coming Assignments, Etc.

It’s a light blogging day here, sorry. I’ve got shoots and meetings all day

One of today’s shoots is another for – I’ll post a couple tomorrow.

Over at Lightroom Killer Tips, Matt has posted a video on backing up Lightroom – worth a watch. Link HERE

While on the subject of Lightroom, it seems that’s one of the hiccups if you’re a Mac user wanting to adopt OSX Leopard early. The Lightroom Print module doesn’t seem to work. More info on the new release and its compatibility with Adobe products and others can be found at Terry White’s Tech Blog. Link HERE


I’m pleased to finally be able to let you all know where my next assignments are. A number of you have been waiting with baited breath for me to have details; now I do.

World Vision – El Salvador – Nov 25-30
World Vision – Malawi – Nov 30 – December 8
World Vision – Uganda – December 8-15

Portfolio Assignment – Tunisia – January 7-22

There’s talk of an assignment in Asia as well, but no details yet.

Oct 27th


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My Next Bag, Revisited

Just over a week ago I wrote a post about my hunt for the perfect carry-on bag. A number of you chimed in on the topic and it pushed me to do a little more looking and thinking. In the end I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m on the right track. Given the needs […]

Oct 25th


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Tell Me A Story?

I’m in the middle of writing a couple articles on storytelling within a photograph, one of my favourite theoretical hobbyhorses. I’ll have them up when they’re eventually finished. I wanted to toss this out there and ask a favour of you. I get about 500 readers a day and I don’t ask this often, but […]

Oct 25th


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Street Portraits: Giving and Taking

Laura writes: When you have a chance, it’d be great to hear how, early in your career, you became more efficent and comfortable approaching strangers and photographing them. How’d you build up the courage? What are some “never do this…” hints? Do you think there’s a difference approach for women than men, both as the […]