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The latest in my On Assignment column for Lexar.com has been posted – you can see it on the Lexar site here: On Assignment in Mongolia: Extreme Cold – or you can read it here on the PixelatedImage:blog in the sidebar to the left under Additional Articles.

Lexar.com Article – On Assignment Mongolia

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Lessons Learned on Assignment: Shooting in Extreme Cold By David Duchemin By far, the vast majority of my assignment work takes place closer to the equator than to the Arctic Circle. I am more comfortable battling the heat and the challenges associated with shooting in high temperatures and humidity than I am in the cold. In fact, it’s been years …

Great Photograph Part II: How

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I’ve been reading your replies regarding What Makes a Great Photograph, In One Word. Some of you lose a point for verbosity, but there are some great replies in there. I’m a little surprised by the absence of a few things, but that’s the nature of a one-word answer, it forces you to choose. Here’s the list of the one-word …

What Makes a Great Photograph?

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I just spent a disheartening hour reading arguments and negotiations about what makes a great photograph – amazing how one simple question can attract so much rhetoric. So in anticipation of writing an article on the same presumptuous subject, I’ll pose the question to you: What makes a great photograph? I’m not going to define terms, and I’ll thank you …

Lumen Dei One Day – SOLD OUT in Temple, Texas

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I’ve just received news from Matt Brandon that the first Lumen Dei One Day Workshop has sold out in Temple, Texas. If you’d like to be on a waiting list, please let me know, otherwise keep your eyes open for another one coming to a city, state, or province near you. It’s very exciting to do this and have such …