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Sep 1st


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Got What It Takes?

Photopreneur posted THIS ARTICLE yesterday – Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Professional Photographer?

I’m flying to Kansas City to shoot a wedding this week, so I have wedding stuff on my mind – that’s when I stumbed across this blog with some inspiring wedding photography – JESSICA CLAIRE. Photography like this inspires me enough to be willing to shoot the occasional wedding. Most people that know me know that I’d rather shoot in a conflict zone than shoot weddings, but with images like this I’m inclined to rethink the whole thing. Here’s another one I love: MATT ADCOCK

Even if you never shoot weddings, this is photography with excellence and should inspire you to think differently or motivate you to images that are both aesthetically gorgeous and emotionally powerful.

Here’s a last link – FLASHFLAVOR.COM – the images on here are illustrative of some incredible flash techniques – lots of good stuff in here and some incredible images. I find lately that I resonate with images that are far from my own style. I feel a real sense of wonder when I look at images that are so different; that renewed sense of "how did they do that?". Even if I never move in that direction, the inspiration is unstoppable.

Aug 25th


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Coming Soon – World Vision Canada Gift Catalogue

My largest project this year has been partnering with World Vision Canada to gather photo-resources for their Gift Catalogue. In the coming month I suspect a number of you will get copies of this catalogue. American readers will get theirs from World Vision US who have also chosen, I believe, to use some of my […]

Aug 22nd


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It's about time: Nikon announces full-frame sensor

Rob Galbraith’s site today reported that Nikon has just announced two new cameras. One, the new D3 is a 12 megapixel powerhouse (above) and it finally brings Nikon users in to the full-frame game. Welcome Nikonians, to the full-frame goodness we Canon users know and love and have been desperate to share with you. (See […]

Aug 19th


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RIP 12" PowerBook

Yesterday the 12″ Powerbook I most love for travelling died in the arms of my wife. Unhappily we trudged to MacStation for the 3rd time this month and picked up a 13″ MacBook. I’ve been dreading this day. Apple decided to discontinue the 12″ Powerbook when the MacBook Pros came out, and I have been […]