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Nov 8th


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Thursday Miscellanea

Scott Kelby – link HERE – has a great post today about some of the ins and outs of Lightroom Backups. Not only a reminder about backing-up your Lightroom Catalogues, but some nuts ad bolts about how Lightroom does this – and in the process may be clogging your harddrive without some regular maintenance.

Strobst has two posts I want to point your way. The first – link HERE – is about a homemade ring-flash. It’s cheap but ingenious. the second – link HERE – is a video by David Greene showing how to make cheap flourescent studio lighting. I’ve used this-set up, albeit with a much sturdier way of mounting the banks to the stands, and love the soft look of these light. Get four of them, some 8ft white and black foam core and you’re have the makings of a nice little rudimentary studio.

If you aren’t yet familiar with wunderkid Joey Lawrence, you ought to be. He’s a young guy – 18 years old now, I think, and he’s already got a solid grip on his own style. He’s no hack and while he makes me wish I were as prodigious as he is, ya gotta respect a guy who’s so good straight out of the gate. Link HERE. If you ARE familiar with Joey Lawrence, you know he’s got chops in the world of post-production. He’s got a dvd out now, and while it’s not cheap, it looks like excellent value. You’d pay this much to spend a day with the guy, so no griping here about the cost. If you’re interested, the link is HERE.

Nov 6th


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Travel Photography is Dead *Updated*

I’ve now heard “travel photography is dead” from the mouths and pens of people who “know what they’re talking about” several times in the last week. My initial reaction was a defensive, “the hell it is! You can have my travel photography when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!” But I’ve chewed on […]