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If you've tried the books about gear and long for something more, David's poured his heart into 20 books and ebooks for you.


Two carefully curated collections of 24 beautiful fine-art prints and folios for your walls or your personal collection.

Sep 3rd


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Pixelated Image: Limited Edition Book – Comments from Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby just posted this on his blog this morning:

I just got my copy of David duChemin’s new limited edition coffee table phtography book, “The Pixelated Image”
and it’s just absolutely wonderful. He’s got some just fascinating
images, and the book is beautifully done (it’s a collector’s edition
type of book).

When Scott got his book he sent me a quick email saying this:

It absolutely ROCKS!!!!! A bunch of us at NAPP HQ were standing around looking at the book this week, and it was nothing but oooohhss, and aaaahhhs all around. :-)

So if you’ve been sitting on the fence about ordering my limited edition book, perhaps thinking you wouldn’t order one until someone like Scott Kelby weighs in on it – now’s your chance. Once this book is sold out, there will be no more. Ever. (Thank you, Scott, for the really kind and encouraging words)

More info HERE

Aug 25th


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Coming Soon – World Vision Canada Gift Catalogue

My largest project this year has been partnering with World Vision Canada to gather photo-resources for their Gift Catalogue. In the coming month I suspect a number of you will get copies of this catalogue. American readers will get theirs from World Vision US who have also chosen, I believe, to use some of my […]

Aug 22nd


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It's about time: Nikon announces full-frame sensor

Rob Galbraith’s site today reported that Nikon has just announced two new cameras. One, the new D3 is a 12 megapixel powerhouse (above) and it finally brings Nikon users in to the full-frame game. Welcome Nikonians, to the full-frame goodness we Canon users know and love and have been desperate to share with you. (See […]