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Mar 8th


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New Article Posted At – Lessons Learned on Assignment: Ecuador has just published the most recent of my Lessons Learned on Assignment series – you can read it HERE

The article discusses, primarily, the notion of workflow; working fast so you can work slow(ly). It is, in part, about being so familiar with the camera and the processes involved in image-making that you can focus on what’s important – creating an image that tells a compelling story or communicates a powerful theme or emotion.

Mar 6th


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Lightroom – Instant Polarizer Effect

This is a quicky I discovered while in Ecuador. I was fiddling with some settings in Lightroom and trying to darken a sky without shuttling the file into Photoshop to drop in a gradient. This is what I discovered. Select the image you want to work on – preferably one needing a darker sky. Hit […]