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Jul 28th


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Hoodman Professional Loupe

Many of you are beginning to suspect that when the venerable Scott Kelby tells me to do something, I just automatically do it. Like some mindless drone. Well nothing could be further from the truth. When Scott suggests something I obey more like a loyal ninja – it’s a matter of honour. Also? Ninjas have cool stuff. And Scott, to make my segue complete, often turns me on to cool stuff. So like the trained photographic ninja that I am, and at the risk of wearing this metaphor down to it’s marrowless bones, here’s something else that’s cool.

The Hoodman Professional Loupe

I mentionned this recently, but now that I’ve had a chance to use it, I wanted to bring your attention to it, if only to throw in my own 5 Pixel rating and confirm your suspicions – this is an amazing little addition to my kit. I love it.

The concept is simple – block the light from the screen and magnify the screen enough to make it a little easier to view while eliminating pixelation. Basically this makes the screen useful again. Review screens are far from perfect but this takes it up a notch or two and if you shoot in bright situations, i’d go so far as to risk my ninja’s honour and say it’s a must have.

Rating: 5 Pixels

Jul 23rd


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Without The Frame, VI

Kathmandu, 2007. This image is a result of pure dumb luck, as I am beginning to suspect the bulk of my images are. I was wandering the back alleys of Bhoda, just on the outskirts of Kathmandu, it was early morning, 6:30am, and the promised rainy season had just shown up. Truth be told I […]