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Jun 25th


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Three New Pieces of Geek-gear

Got three new pieces of geek-gear this weekend I wanted to alert you to.

1. Canon Ee-D Grid Focussing Screen for the Canon 5

I love this little thing. I have grid lines on the display of my Leica and wished I had them on the screen of my Canon 5D. I was mentionning this to Matt Brandon recently, who promptly stuck his 5D in my face and told me to look through the viewfinder. To my amazement he had a grid. And, it turns out, for $50, so too could I. So I dropped by Leo’s this morning and picked mine up. Love it!

2. The UpStrap.

Ok, I haven’t got mine yet but I am keeping my chiropractor in business by doing wierd things with my back and neck to keep my cameras on my shoulder, so I came home from the last assignment and ordered two basic Upstraps. I’ll update this post as soon as I receive the straps, but word on the street is that these unconspicuous straps are the ne plus ultra of camera straps. See (link HERE) for more information. If it’s good enough for Steve McCurry, it’s good enough for me.

3. The Patagonia Surf Bucket Hat.

Ok, I’m pushing it with this but I am very excited about this hat. I am at, or past, my limit on sunburning, and I sunburn because I always wear a baseball hat on assignment. And because ball hats get in the way when shooting I always take it off when I bring out my camera. And so my vast bald scalp gets burned. I’ve been looking for a hat that fits, is well-made, lightweight, crushable, and doesn’t look totally dorky. 4 out of 5 ain’t bad. Enter the Patagonia Surf Bucket Hat, $41 at MEC in Canada.

If you’re looking for a great hat for shooting, this is it. Its brim moves out of the way easily, it’s comfortable, and it keeps sun and rain off my head. Patagonia costs more, but experience tells me it’s worth it. While my other clothing wears thin, my Patagonia stuff is still toughing it out and looking good. I could buy Tilley but they never replied to my inquiries about sponsorship, and let’s face it – their stuff is way more expensive and over-the-edge on “hey, do I look like a middle-aged yuppie about to go on a cruise?” You gotta consider these things.

Jun 21st


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Without The Frame, V

Agra, INDIA. January 2007. I shot this image at the Taj Mahal. It’s one of several hundred I shot there and one of the only ones I like. Shooting an icon like the Taj Mahal is tough. Shooting any icon is difficult, but the building reputed to be the “most photographed building in the world” […]

Jun 20th


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the pixelated image: limited edition book

I’ve finished the layouts on my limited-edition monograph: the pixelated image. I am now taking expressions of interest. If you want a copy, put your name here, or email me. This is not a pre-order, but as I am limiting this book to a total of 100 copies, the first ones who express interest are […]

Jun 20th


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Self Publishing:

The world of one-off publishing has grown in leaps and bounds over the last couple years. I’ve toyed with the idea of self-publishing a monograph of my images but never been happy with the quality I was seeing. BLURB looks like a contender – it’s based on an easy-to-use, if not overly simple, free layout […]