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Nov 3rd


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A Plan for the Paranoid. And the Prepared.

In my unending quest for redundancy and the safety of both my data and ability to work while on the field, I’ve learned a few things. Recent conversations on the Travel Photographers Network have had me thinking about these things again. I thought I’d share my own system for surviving disaster on the road. The key is redundancy. I carry:

1 spec’d-out MacBook, in a Booq Vyper sleeve
2 AC Cables in case one dies
1 surge protector
2 Lexar Firewire card readers, 2 FW400 cables
2 bus-powered, FW400/USB2.0 harddrives
1 bus-powered, FW400 hardrive with a bootable copy of my laptop in case the hardrive in the laptop dies.
1 Hyperdrive, in case the laptop dies entirely. I still need to download my cards, so this allows me to do so.
50GB of Lexar 4 and 8GB Compact Flash Cards.

I recently discovered SuperDuper! – a utility that creates a bootable copy of your computer. It’s free if you’re happy with the basic functionality. You need to have a FW drive, as USB drives don’t seem to be bootable. If/When your laptop dies, plug the bootable harddrive in, restart the Mac while holding down the OPTION key, and you’re up and running again.

Before you travel, do an update to make sure the bootable copy is up to date. It never hurts to launch disk utility to verify your harddrives before you travel.

When you’re on the road, keep your drives in separate places. Even better, lock one up. Pacsafe makes a great product called the TravelSafe100

It’s OK to be paranoid, folks. If it means the difference between losing my files and keeping them, or getting – or not getting – my work done, I’ll do whatever it takes.

Nov 2nd


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Ten Great Gifts for the Travelling Photographer

Christmas is coming. So is my birthday. So, overlooking the fact that the perfect gift for the guy who has everything is nothing at all, these are my top-ten great gifts for the travelling photographer. If you’re the spouse of a photographer, look at it this way – they’ll probably buy this stuff, or stuff […]

Oct 27th


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My Next Bag, Revisited

Just over a week ago I wrote a post about my hunt for the perfect carry-on bag. A number of you chimed in on the topic and it pushed me to do a little more looking and thinking. In the end I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m on the right track. Given the needs […]

Oct 25th


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Tell Me A Story?

I’m in the middle of writing a couple articles on storytelling within a photograph, one of my favourite theoretical hobbyhorses. I’ll have them up when they’re eventually finished. I wanted to toss this out there and ask a favour of you. I get about 500 readers a day and I don’t ask this often, but […]