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Oct 17th


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Never Without Film.


Ever been in a situation where you’ve accidentaly left your digital film at home? Ever run out in the middle of a shoot that went longer than planned? If you’re a Canon shooter, the battery pack for all the recent DLSRs has a secret hiding place. Until now you’ve needed to know the secret handshake and had to join a club, but those days are no longer.

If you’re comfortable putting the spare door somewhere else, this spot on the Canon battery grips is an ideal place for an extra CF card.

Oct 16th


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Self-Promotion For Photographers: GETTING THE GIGS

Self-Promotion for Photographers Series, 5 GETTING THE GIGS Once you have the foundations laid for your marketing efforts you’ve really only just started. In a perfect world you’d put your website up, your potential market would feel a tremor in The Force, and your phone would ring. But then you’d also have an evil empire […]