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Aug 9th


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Canon CPS Expo

This one will really only be significant to those of you with Canon CPS status. Canon Canada has just announced a series of invitation-only 2-day expos across the country – Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal. On the agenda are learning sessions with Apple and Adobe, and lecutres/sessions with Vincent Laforet and Dennis Reggie. Add to this some hands-on sessions with new gear, etc., and it seems like a great chance to get in on some free information and rubbing-of-elbows. I’m also holding out for swag – there had better be great swag.

Website here:

In other news and of NO interest to anyone, CPS or otherwise, FedEx has FINALLY got my new MacPro on a truck and headed out to my Vancouver area Apple retailer of choice – MacStation – today. So with any luck I will be getting my geek on tonight and installing a mountain of software. That annoying giggling sound this evening will be me. I apologize in advance.

Jul 28th


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Hoodman Professional Loupe

Many of you are beginning to suspect that when the venerable Scott Kelby tells me to do something, I just automatically do it. Like some mindless drone. Well nothing could be further from the truth. When Scott suggests something I obey more like a loyal ninja – it’s a matter of honour. Also? Ninjas have […]