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Aug 30th


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Resource Roundup – A Thursday Grab-bag

Scraping the bottom of the barrel today, but have some bookmarks I wanted to share.

MedJet Assist – If you travel out of country, MedJet Assist looks to be an excellent investment. The fine=print and hassle on many travel medical plans are a little tough to navigate, and some just tough to swallow – MedJet Assist looks to be an excellent investment if you find yourself on assigment frequently. More info HERE

Adobe Kuler
- Looking for inspiration for colour themes? I stumbled across Adobe Kuler recently – more information HERE – well worth looking at if you do design or even have to style a shot, put together your portfolio online, etc.

ImageKind – Looking to sell your prints online? ImageKind looks like a great place from which to do that. You upload the images, decide on pricing, and they do the rest. There’s a Web2.0 element to the whole thing, so people can stumble across you via tags, etc. If you’ve always wanted to sell your images but don’t have a fancy printer or the time and inclination to administer the task, might be the place. But check their quality first because I haven’t. More info HERE.

– A frequently-updated blog about the business side of photography. Always seems to have the odd interesting tid-bit. I don’t know what a bit of a tid might be, nor why you’d want one. But if you do, then you’re in luck. Photopreneur site HERE

Brusheezy – I think it was Scott Kelby who put me onto this site. I recently spent a couple hours looking through this site for inspiration and found some really excellent brushes. Highly highly recommended. Brusheezy site HERE.

If you have anything to contribute, comments, additions, subtractions, detractions, or, uh, other stuff…leave it in the comments bin for the rest of the class.

Aug 25th


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Coming Soon – World Vision Canada Gift Catalogue

My largest project this year has been partnering with World Vision Canada to gather photo-resources for their Gift Catalogue. In the coming month I suspect a number of you will get copies of this catalogue. American readers will get theirs from World Vision US who have also chosen, I believe, to use some of my […]

Aug 22nd


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It's about time: Nikon announces full-frame sensor

Rob Galbraith’s site today reported that Nikon has just announced two new cameras. One, the new D3 is a 12 megapixel powerhouse (above) and it finally brings Nikon users in to the full-frame game. Welcome Nikonians, to the full-frame goodness we Canon users know and love and have been desperate to share with you. (See […]

Aug 19th


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RIP 12" PowerBook

Yesterday the 12″ Powerbook I most love for travelling died in the arms of my wife. Unhappily we trudged to MacStation for the 3rd time this month and picked up a 13″ MacBook. I’ve been dreading this day. Apple decided to discontinue the 12″ Powerbook when the MacBook Pros came out, and I have been […]