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Jun 29th


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Portfolio Assignment 2008: TUNISIA

It’s official. And kind of spontaneous. I am travelling with a friend for two weeks of portfolio work in Tunisia this coming January. It’s off-season in Tunisia and we’ll have almost two full weeks to wander this small mediterranean African country sans the madding tourist crowd.

If you’ve ever been to Tunisia and have some must-see sights that are off the beaten path, let me know. Anyone with suggestions that involve seeing StarWars sets will have their lenses smudged for the effort. But other suggestions are welcome.

My wife is in NYC for the weekend: Babe, i booked this for AFTER your birthday this time. See, I’m learning.

Jun 25th


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Three New Pieces of Geek-gear

Got three new pieces of geek-gear this weekend I wanted to alert you to. 1. Canon Ee-D Grid Focussing Screen for the Canon 5 I love this little thing. I have grid lines on the display of my Leica and wished I had them on the screen of my Canon 5D. I was mentionning this […]