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May 22nd


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a couple quick things – updated

1. A quote. From this years PDN Photo Annual, a story about photographers forming emotional connections to their subjects and the stories they tell – "For these three photographers, compassion is every bit as important as composition – if not more so." I love that.

2. The scoop on Lightroom 1.1. From Scott Kelby, news that the Lightroom 1.1 Update is coming soon. Details on Scott’s blog HERE – You need to check out his post on this – it includes a partial, but tantalizing, glimpse of the coming features. And the update is free. My favourite price.

(Update – Looks like Scott has updated his blog entry and it no longer lists the coming improvements to Lr1.1 – I knew I should have copy/pasted. So, you’ll just have to trust him, folks. I saw the list, and it’s very promising. Keep your eyes open.)

3. Fans of documentary/reportage/humanitarian/black and white photography should spend some time with TOM STODDART – there was an interview with Stoddart in the recent issue of Professional Photographer (April 2007) and it’s a must-read. If you respect shooters like Nachtwey, you’ll love the work and thinking, and compassion, of Stoddart. His iWitness images of Sudan are particularily compelling.

4. The aforementionned issue of Professional Photographer (a UK magazine, published by Archant Specialist) has some excellent articles on travel photography. As a matter of practice I get two magazines by subscription – PDN and Photoshop User. But once in a while I end up with a copy of PP – when it’s good, it’s really good. Find it. Love it. This issue also has a good review of the Leica D-Lux 3, of which I am a fan.

5. Photo Workshop in Cairo, April 2008?
Lastly, I am toying around with the idea of leading another photo-tour, this time in Cairo and Northern Egypt. I’d be accompanied by Kevin Clark, an accomplished photograper and good friend who’s lived and worked in Cairo. Timing? Possibly sometime in April 2008. 10 days, a little bit rough and tumble, definitely not a bus tour – but you’d come home with spectacular images that the tourist crowd just never gets. Space would be limited to 6 participants and while I am only in the "what-if" stage right now I’m also beginning to take expressions of interest. If you want on the email list, leave a comment with info and your level of interest.


Ok, off to India and Nepal. See you on the other side.

May 19th


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On Assignment :: Back June 17

This is a little premature, but the coming days are a little nutty and I’m unsure I’ll have a chance to post again. If I do, consider it a bonus. On Wednesday I head to India for the Lumen Dei tour with co-founder and co-leader and exceptional photographer and friend Matt Brandon – we’ll be […]

May 14th


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Portable USB Printer: ZINK

I saw an ad for this in the recent issue of PDN. It’s something I’ve talked to a number of photographers about and I am really excited I’m not the only one who thunk the same thoughts I’ve thunk. Those thoughts being something like “wouldn’t it be awesome if someone made a pocket-sized USB printer […]