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Feb 2nd


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LaCie d2 Dual-layer DVD Burner

One of the ongoing challenges for photographers capturing or storing images digitally is that files sizes continue to grow and the need for storage grows with every image you shoot. I shoot exclusively to Lexar 8gb 133x CF cards and the only frustration has been the lack of an easy way to archive these cards once I have shot them. A 4gb card fits perfectly onto a 4.5 gb DVD, but an 8gb card is less convenient.

Enter the dual layer DVD, capable of storing 8.5gb of data. While the new Mac towers come with dual-layer burners, two of them if you like, my old G5 tower doesn’t. And it’ll be at least several months before I can afford a new tower. Enter the LaCie d2 dual-layer external DVD burner. I ordered one from my local dealer last month on my return from India. It came in today and I wanted to make a couple comments based on my initial uses.

1. I own several d2 drives and the build quality is excellent. I love these units and this external burner is no different. I almost bought the LaCie Porsche Design dual-layer external burner but I already own two of the Porsche Design drives and the build doesn’t impress me – they feel plastic, light, and cheap. For an extra $50 I got Toast and a tougher case.

2. It comes with Roxio Toast Lite. This is my first experience with Toast and I am a convert. What an excellent piece of software. Highly intuitive, easily installed and was burning dvds immediately. Makes me want to look into Toast Titanium to see what I am missing.

3. Comes with LiteScribe, giving you the ability to label your discs. I don’t plan on using this but for some people it looks great. But I suspect it’ll add to your time creating the discs. Which brings me to speed.

4. This is a 16x drive but only on normal 4.5gb DVD’s. On the dual-layer stuff it’s slower – much slower. That said, it seems very stable and for giving me the ability to burn over 8gb to a dvd I am willing to overlook the speed.

5. It also comes with some cloning and backup software which I plan to look into some other time. But if you’re into that kind of thing, an added bonus.

6. Back to the d2 build – these are large, tough cases but they’re big – over 10inches long by 6inches wide and 2 inches deep – these are portable but not the kind of thing you want to take on the road if you like to travel light. That doesn’t matter to me, but if you’re looking for a pocket-sized burner, this isn’t it.

7. Backed with a one-year warranty and tech-support. I got mine for $189 CAD.

Burn, baby, burn. Now each of my files sits simultaneously on 2 d2 500gb drives and a DVD. Until Blue-Ray becomes the standard and becomes financially accessible to us mortals, this is my solution. Check it out here.

Jan 31st


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Portfolio Galleries

I think I’ve posted something along these lines before but I continue to get emails asking what kind of software I am using to post my portfolios. I am using Evrium’s Fluid Galleries 2 Basic. I suspect I will upgrade to the professional package sooner than later, but here’s the lowdown on why I use […]

Jan 29th


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Lightroom Release Announced

Adobe has just announced the full release of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It’s hitting the market at $199USD and ships on February 19. More details here on the Lightroom product site and here on the Rob Galbraith site. In brief, it’ll ship February 19 and the intro price is $199USD, which will go up to $299 […]

Jan 28th


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a betrayal of aesthetics

i caved in. i am a weak man. and now i am wearing these ugly things on my feet. i almost got a pair for my last trip to Africa. i didn’t, and i regretted it. i almost got a pair for the recent trip to India. i didn’t. But my travel partner did. And […]