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Jun 26th


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Pixelated Image: Limited Edition Book Now Available

The limited edition monograph, The Pixelated Image, is now available for purchase.

I received my proof today and am very impressed with the quality. In fact the cover is stunning.

As I mentionned, I am offering this as a limited edition. Only 100 copies will be printed, numbered and signed.

The book is almost 70 pages, hardcover, 11×13 inches. It contains
about 90 of what I consider to be my best images from the developing
world. I am really pleased with this book. Proceeds will go to sending
me on a Women and Children First Project shoot – hopefully somewhere
like Gulu, Uganda, for Invisible Children.

Price on the book is $200. This book will never be re-printed. All copies are hand numbered and signed.

Cost is $200.00 and I will pay ground shipping.

You can pay by PayPal for those of you who use it – email me and I will send you a PayPal email invoice. You can also pay by cash or by cheque if we know each other. Please email me – info at pixelatedimage dot com – for more information.

Once I get your orders your book should take about 3 weeks to get to you. They need to come here, get signed and numbered, then re-packaged and sent to you.

All orders must be placed by email. At that point you can express your preference for payment and I can put you on the list and assign you a number. Again, email is info at pixelatedimage dot com, or you can use the Email Me button at the top of the left sidebar.

Sorry there isn’t a slicker way to do this, but I prefer the personal interaction and it prevents people slipping through the cracks.

Jun 25th


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Three New Pieces of Geek-gear

Got three new pieces of geek-gear this weekend I wanted to alert you to. 1. Canon Ee-D Grid Focussing Screen for the Canon 5 I love this little thing. I have grid lines on the display of my Leica and wished I had them on the screen of my Canon 5D. I was mentionning this […]

Jun 21st


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Without The Frame, V

Agra, INDIA. January 2007. I shot this image at the Taj Mahal. It’s one of several hundred I shot there and one of the only ones I like. Shooting an icon like the Taj Mahal is tough. Shooting any icon is difficult, but the building reputed to be the “most photographed building in the world” […]