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Mar 5th


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New Article Posted At – Lessons Learned on Assignment: India

My latest article is up now at

“It’s no secret that as humans we hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see. If our expectations determine, to some degree, what we see, then to that same degree our expectations determine what we will and will not shoot. In the case of travel photography, especially where well-known destinations are involved, we have a lifetime of postcards and classic travel photographs that inform our thoughts and feelings of a place.

To the degree that we keep to that vision. we will never see, feel, or experience a place for ourselves. When shooting the Taj Mahal recently, it took all day to first shoot the classic images and get them out of the way before I could slow down and really begin to see the place for what it was, or what it was in those moments to me. A compelling photograph is one that says what you feel about a place, and to feel something beyond the cliché, you need to take some time, slow down, stop looking and begin seeing. This has been compared elsewhere to the difference between shooting a picture of a model and shooting a portrait. The image of the model, usually a product shot of some kind, is an image OF a person. A portrait is an image ABOUT a person. And so it is with travel images, or anything you shoot.”

You can read the rest HERE.

Mar 4th


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Home now from beautiful Ecuador and a week shooting for World Vision Canada. The images from these shots and the ones from Malawi and Democratic Republic of Congo that I shot late last year (go to – there’s a gallery called World Vision: Africa where you can see those images and later this week […]

Feb 23rd


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New Partner: GITZO

I’m just about to leave on my current assignment; in 36 hours I will be in Quito, Ecuador. Between now and then I have a layover at LAX and then a short one in Miami. I’m pleased to announce, before I leave, that GITZO has agreed to sponsor me and include me in their Local […]

Feb 20th


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Lexar Announces New Products

This morning I got wind of Lexar’s latest offerings. Rob Galbraith has an article about the details HERE but here’s the basics on the new products. The Professional 300x CompactFlash Line - While the jump in speed won’t be something your camera can take advantage of it will be dramatically noticeable as you upload from […]