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Sep 5th


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Without The Frame, VII

Jodhpur, India. January 2006

Jodhpur is known as “the blue city” for the ubiquitous blue walls. The walls, predominantly washed with various shades of cobalt blue in the old city, lend Jodhpur a fairy-tale feel and the back alleys are a riot of blues, greens, and ambers. They are also home to an astonishing density of bicycles and scooters, which, it can only be assumed, multiply in the dark corners through mechanical mitosis. Overhead and always looming is the Mehrangarh fort, the hill fortress that both guards and dwarfs the town.

I shot this in the early hours of the morning. Dawn was only just beginning to break and the golden light of streetlamps was bathing everything in gold. It was a magical morning – my last for a couple days, as later this day I came down with a fever and went to bed whining and bitching about how much my throat hurt, etc., etc.

I had left the havelli without my tripod but found a handmade wooden ladder with four legs that nearly passed as stable and shot this little intersection of alleys until the dawn broke. Bicycles began to whiz past, and the day grew louder as the warrens and alley came to life.

It’s often about that time when I’m feeling about to give up and move on that something magical happens. Or when I am looking too hard. Almost any time other than the moments during which I am looking and waiting. This time a woman in red walked up the steps to the temple, wrapped her head and walked through the door.

This woman seemed to me a spectre, she moved softly and quietly, came from nowhere and vanished. The slow shutter speed necessitated by the low light gave me the effect I needed but didn’t have the time to be aware of.I shot about 6 frames hoping something captured the moment the way I’d seen it.

EXIF: Canon 5D, 17-40/4.0L at 1/5sec and f/9.0. ISO 800

Sep 5th


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Your Homework

One of the best ways to get creative juices flowing is to increase your inputs. Creativity is essentially the juxtaposition of two or more old ideas to create new ones. So if you’re in a funk, increase the inputs. Go read a magazine, explore a new place, listen to new voices. If you’re a portrait […]