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Jun 12th


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Raining in Kathmandu


It’s early in Kathmandu and the town is under a veil of cloud and rain. So prone to falling in love with the people and places I travel to, I immediately fell in love with this city – which makes my frustration at not being able to shoot much all the more painful. We drive to Bhaktapur this afternoon and I’m praying for a break in the rain. The cloud-cover makes for wonderful light but the rain turns everything to mud. Yesterday a bandh was declared – a city-wide strike – so the people were not out the way they normally are. Anyways, it’s a glorious place. Bob Seger and Cat Stevens were right. I’m already making plans to come back for a longer stay.

Looks like I am heading to Dominican Republic for a very short assignment in July for World Vision – it’s been years since I have been back to the DR.

Heading home at the end of the week and will then post some images and assorted details, thoughts, stories. For now I am heading back onto the balcony of the guesthouse with some mashala chai and my books, to watch the rain and do a sun-dance when no one is looking.


May 19th


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On Assignment :: Back June 17

This is a little premature, but the coming days are a little nutty and I’m unsure I’ll have a chance to post again. If I do, consider it a bonus. On Wednesday I head to India for the Lumen Dei tour with co-founder and co-leader and exceptional photographer and friend Matt Brandon – we’ll be […]