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Jul 19th


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ZINK joins PixelatedImage.

A couple months ago I posted news about a new product called ZINK. ZINK stands for Zero INK and is the future of mobile printing. We have mobile everything and cell phones now have cameras, but still no way to easily print those images. Enter ZINK. In a few months the first ZINK printers will roll off the line giving every photographer who’s ever been asked “hey, can I have a copy of that?” a fighting chance.
The Pixelated Image caught the vision pretty quickly, and now ZINK has joined the Pixelated Image as a sponsor. Each sponsor I have is a leader in the imaging field, and I am fiercely proud of the relationships I have with them. Contrary to the artsy thought that “it’s not the gear”, it IS partly the gear. It allows you to form your vision without a sketch pad and pencil, and each piece of great gear gets you one step closer to being able to realize your vision.

Take a moment check ZINK out online – I can’t wait for these to finally go into production and into our hands.

Jul 19th


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Keeping It Up. UPstrap Product Review (Updated)

A few weeks ago I commented that I thought I had found the perfect camera strap. In theory the gear from UPstrap sounded great, but I wanted to wait until it came before I commented any further. Well my straps came and I love them. I have shot 4 assignments with them now and am […]