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May 12th


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A Couple Lightroom Things


1. Thanks to Jordan at the DigitalExplorer for showing this to me – I’ve been on the Inside Lightroom site alot but haven’t spent much time experimenting with the presets – of which there are a great many, most of them a little too experimental for my needs/wants. But this one – 300 – rocks. I just gave a random Taj Mahal image the 300 Preset and exported it out as you see it here. Grungy and contrasty and kind of po-mo or something. I like it. Inside Lightroom blog site HERE, 300 Preset download HERE. Thanks, Jordan

2. Interface shortcuts in Lightroom – Shift+TAB hides and reveals all the palettes and stuff. F5, F6, F7, and F8 hide/reveal the top module picker, bottom film strip, left side bar, and right side bar – in that order.

3. In Develop Module the ” ” key is a toggle key that toggles between your developed changes and the undevelopped original. Very handy.

May 11th


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Without The Frame, IV

I shot this image on my first assignment for World Vision Canada. It hangs large on my office wall and reminds me of a time in my life that will remain a peak in my memory forever. It was shot in Malawi after three days of travelling just to get where I was going. It […]

May 11th


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Fluid Galleries – Anyone Want a 50% deal?

I have a friend who’s getting in on the Evrium Two For One deal in June and he’s looking for someone to go halvesies (I can’t believe I just wrote that word with a straight face). So, if you’re interested in the Evrium Fluid Galleries software and you want a deal, please leave a comment […]