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May 14th


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Portable USB Printer: ZINK


I saw an ad for this in the recent issue of PDN. It’s something I’ve talked to a number of photographers about and I am really excited I’m not the only one who thunk the same thoughts I’ve thunk. Those thoughts being something like “wouldn’t it be awesome if someone made a pocket-sized USB printer so when someone wants a copy of an image I can actually give them one?”

And within 6 months of my thinking these thoughts, enter ZINK.It prints 2×3 images and uses no ink. It probably uses sorcery. It’s not releasing until later this year, but it looks really promising and the price is right. If PDN is to believed, and it’s usually reliable, the price will start around USD 99.00.

More details HERE

May 12th


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A Couple Lightroom Things

1. Thanks to Jordan at the DigitalExplorer for showing this to me – I’ve been on the Inside Lightroom site alot but haven’t spent much time experimenting with the presets – of which there are a great many, most of them a little too experimental for my needs/wants. But this one – 300 – rocks. […]

May 11th


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Without The Frame, IV

I shot this image on my first assignment for World Vision Canada. It hangs large on my office wall and reminds me of a time in my life that will remain a peak in my memory forever. It was shot in Malawi after three days of travelling just to get where I was going. It […]

May 11th


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Fluid Galleries – Anyone Want a 50% deal?

I have a friend who’s getting in on the Evrium Two For One deal in June and he’s looking for someone to go halvesies (I can’t believe I just wrote that word with a straight face). So, if you’re interested in the Evrium Fluid Galleries software and you want a deal, please leave a comment […]