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When I was what I recall to be about 10 years old we made these little googly-eyed creatures out of bark and thistles and stuff in art class. Looking back I have no idea what possessed me to then go home and make hundreds of them and take them door-to-door in my neighborhood to share the love and make a few bucks.  It was December and I called them, ahem, Christmas Critters. It might even, God help me, have been Kristmas Kritters. I was ten. Don’t judge me. You can roll your eyes now but I cleaned up and filled my jar with cold hard cash. An entrepreneur was born.

I’ve been a creative entrepreneur all my adult life and I’ve run the gamut from total failure and bankruptcy to running a business that is, by any metrics, more successful than I ever imagined. I’m good at this stuff. Rather, I have learned to be. Entrepreneurialism is a craft, and like photography it can be learned. Honed.  So many photographers go into business for themselves, wooed by the idea of doing what we love for a living, but they fail because they work so hard on the one craft but completely neglect the other. If photographers are going to succeed at business they need to learn to think like entrepreneurs and learn that craft well.

8 years ago I wrote a book called VisionMongers, Making a Life and a Living in Photography (find it here on Amazon). It became a best-seller in the photography world which tells me it was scratching an itch that had been left, well, unscratched. But then I got busy and while the book continues to find readers all over the world, I never really picked up the thread and ran with it, mostly, I think, because I just got busy doing my own gig and serving clients. I’m picking up that thread again.

There’s almost nothing I love more than being an entrepreneur. It’s a different way of being creative and I’m good at it (thanks in large part to my past failures and willingness to learn from them.) But it’s hard, especially if you want to grow and thrive, and not merely survive. So I’m doing two new things for the VisionMongers out there, and they’re connected.

The first is a short new PDF guide called You Can’t Fix It Later In Photoshop, How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Business Mistakes in Photography and Thrive. Not my shortest title ever. The second is a new resource called The VisionMongers Dispatch, emailed to you monthly with articles, resources, and new insights into learning your craft as an entrepreneur in the photography world.  The two are connected – just download the one and you’ll begin getting the other, and if you find it’s not for you, you can always unsubscribe.

Download You Can’t Fix It Later In Photoshop, How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Business Mistakes in Photography and Thrive, and start getting The VisionMongers Dispatch

Photography has given me an incredible life and doing so professionally continues to be a wonderful adventure. I want to help others – to help you – live the same kind of life. To share the lessons I’ve learned. They were hard-earned and expensive and there’s no reason you should have to learn them as painfully as I did. If you want to hone your craft as an entrepreneur as intentionally as you hone your photography, I’d love to be part of that. I hope these new resources can help you.


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