HowToFeedAStarvingArtist_400_1024x1024 How to Feed a Starving Artist, A Financial Field Guide for Creatives, Solopreneurs, and Other Anarchists
(Craft & Vision, 2014)
186 pages. Available in PDF and Kindle formats.

Remember those days of old when creative people did what they did because some guy with money paid them to do it, all for the privilege of calling themselves a patron? Well, those days are over unless you get smart—and creative—with your money and become your own patron, in which case the time has never been better.

How To Feed A Starving Artist is a book about money for creative people, people who don’t want to talk about money, feel like they need to take a long, hot, shower when they do, but who need to get a handle on their finances so they can continue to do what they love with greater freedom.

This is a book about simple financial possibilities available to artists and other creatives. Like its predecessor, A Beautiful Anarchy, this is an honest book about freedom. It promises no get-rich-quick solutions, just sound wisdom and actionable ideas to help you change the way you think and act in relationship to your money. It’s a starting place for people who want the freedom not necessarily to be rich, but to live their dreams and fill their days with the art and adventure they long for.

Money’s not the point, not even remotely. But money makes things possible. If you want to get a better handle on your finances, stop stressing out about making ends meet, and want to get closer to “living the dream” by doing what you love, How To Feed A Starving Artist is a great place to start that journey.

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A Beautiful Anarchy, When the Life Creative Becomes the Life Created
(Craft & Vision, 2014)
152 pages. Available in paperback, PDF, and Kindle formats.

A Beautiful Anarchy is a vulnerable, honest, and insightful book about the human longing to create, whether that’s a family, a business, a book or a photograph. Our greatest creation can be an intentional life lived on our terms. For those that already identify as creative people, this book is an invitation to more intentionally explore your creative process. For anyone that’s ever said, “but I’m not really creative,” it’s a call to exhume a part of yourself that desperately needs to get out and breathe.“A Beautiful Anarchy is raw energy bundled up in a book, and opening its cover is like lighting a fuse. This isn’t an ordinary book. It’s message is challenging and liberating at the same time. What I like best, is that David’s words are grounded in a life that is well lived. Reading it is like gaining access to the mentor and friend I always wished I had. A Beautiful Anarchy is a manifesto that has changed how I see the world. Read this book if you want to make more meaningful photographs and live a more complete life.” ~ Chris Orwig, author of Visual Poetry.

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SEVEN: Seven Continents + Seven Years: A Photographic Journey
(Craft & Vision, 2013)
Limited Edition of 1,000. 160 pages, 12″ x 12″. Hardcover, Italian Linen.

His first art book, SEVEN is a retrospective of David’s work from 2006 to early 2013. “I created this as a legacy piece. I wanted to create something beautiful, inside and out. Something that was a delight to touch and hold. I wanted something that would inspire and show you the world the way I see it, in these fleeting glimpses of beauty, hope, and wonder. Unlike so much of what I publish, this is not an educational book. The book opens with a short essay about the gift of photography, and what follows is photograph after photograph, quietly captioned with location and date. I want, at the end of the day, my photographs to speak for themselves. I also believe that looking at, and studying, photographs, is some of the best education we can have in terms of making our own photographs.” For more information, or to place an order, visit the SEVEN product page.
The Print & The Process, Taking Compelling Photographs from Vision to Expression
(Peachpit/New Riders, December 2012)264 pages, softcover.

The Print and the Process is a book of ideas, thoughts, and techniques about our photographs and the process that leads us to the final image. (To be clear, it is not an instructional book about how to print your images.) In this beautiful book, David takes the reader behind the scenes on four distinct photographic projects, discussing motivation, image creation, and post-production. Featured work is from Iceland, Kenya, Antarctica, and Venice–and for each he discusses the hows and whys of his own image-making process.Each project begins with a beautiful series of 20-30 final images from that project–this is “the print” section, and it’s geared for the reader to really take in those images holistically. Then, duChemin discusses “the process” behind creating those images. In this section, the reader will see the project images again but as thumbnails, and David goes through each one, explaining very thoroughly his process. duChemin does not “pre-visualize” a scene, as Ansel Adams famously discussed. Instead, he feels it. And it’s from that feeling that he begins working with the elements in front of him and looking at the choices available to him. As he moves around, including and excluding elements from the frame, the camera and the photographer become collaborators. It’s from this struggle that the final image emerges. More information, and to purchase The Print & The Process, find it on
Photographically Speaking, A Deeper Look at Creating Stronger Images
(Peachpit/New Riders, October 2011)
272 Pages, softcover.

When looking at a photograph, too often a conversation starts—and, unfortunately, ends—with a statement such as, “I like it.” The logical next question, “Why?”, often goes unasked and unanswered. As photographers, we frequently have difficulty speaking about images because, frankly, we don’t know how to think about them. And if we don’t know how to think about a photograph and its “visual language”— how an image is constructed, how it works, and why it works—then, when we’re behind the camera, are we really making images that best communicate our vision, our original intent? Vision—crucial as it is—is not the ultimate goal of photography; expression is the goal. And to best express ourselves, it is necessary to learn and use the grammar and vocabulary of the visual language. Photographically Speaking is about learning photography’s visual language to better speak to why and how a photograph succeeds, and in turn to consciously use that visual language in the creation of our own photographs, making us stronger photographers who are able to fully express and communicate our vision. More information, and to purchase Photographically Speaking, find it on HERE.
Within The Frame, The Journey of Photographic Vision
(Peachpit/New Riders, May 2009)
272 Pages, softcover.

“If the book simply stayed right there in the realm of how-to, go-to advice, it would be a wonderful book indeed. But it crosses the line from useful to inspire because David opens up much more than his camera bag. He opens his considerable heart and mind, both of which belong to a masterful storyteller driven by an acute sympathy for the human condition, coupled with an intense curiosity and respect for both the differences and the sameness of the world.” – Joe McNally, from the Foreword. More information, and to purchase Within The Frame, find it on HERE.
VisionMongers by David duChemin VisionMongers, Making A Life and a Living in Photography
(Peachpit/New Riders, Nov. 2009)
272 Pages, softcover.

For those who want to make the transition into the world of vocational photography—staying true to your craft and vision, while fusing that craft with commerce VisionMongersis a great place to begin your journey. With a voice equally realistic and encouraging, photographer David duChemin discusses the experiences he’s had, the lessons he’s learned, and the practices he’s adopted in his own winding journey to becoming a successful working photographer.Along the way, duChemin features the stories of nine other photographers—including Chase Jarvis, Gavin Gough, and Zack Arias—whose paths, while unique, have all shared a commitment and passion for bringing their own vision to market. With VisionMongers, you’ll learn what paths have been taken—what has worked for these photographers—and you’ll be equipped to begin the process of forging your own. More information, and to purchase VisionMongers, find it on HERE.
Vision & Voice by David duChemin Vision & Voice, Refining Your Vision In Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
(Peachpit/New Riders, July 2010)
272 Pages, softcover.

David duChemin, author of the bestselling Within the Frame, believes there are three images that go into making a photographer’s final image: the one she envisions, the one she shoots, and the one she develops. Vision and Voiceis about this third and last component, as the photographer brings the image into the Develop module of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom–today’s most popular digital darkroom.Most often, the most powerful images strongly communicate just one message, theme, or emotion. This book teaches readers how to take that theme or emotion they had when they first shot the image, and carry it through to the development process in Lightroom. After discussing this crucial process of bringing the photographer’s intention and vision to Lightroom, duChemin first gives the readers a quick look at Lightroom’s Develop module, explaining the features and settings–not only in how they work but in what aesthetic effects they have on an image. duChemin then reveals his personal process for developing images in Lightroom, as he works through 20 images, beginning with the RAW digital negative and finishing with the final, developed image ready to share.This book is not an exhaustive overview or tour of Lightroom. Instead, duChemin takes a unique approach by concentrating solely on the Develop module, the component of Lightroom where a photographer has the most powerful tools to bring their vision and voice to the image. More information, and to purchase Vision & Voice, find it on HERE.
David duChemin eBooks Craft & Vision eBooks by David duChemin.

On August 27, 2009, David published his first book in PDF format, accidentally creating Craft & Vision. Since then his eBooks, and the books of photographers he respects, have seen well over a million downloads. David duChemin’s collection of PDF eBooks, including TEN, TEN MORE, Drawing The Eye, Chasing the Look, The Vision-Driven Photographer, and others, are available on the Craft & Vision website, along with best selling titles from the photographers that inspire David, like Dave Delnea, Eli Reinholdsten, and Martin Bailey. Many for only $5/each, they are cheaper than a latte! Stop spending money on learning the craft you love, and check out the growing library of almost 100 titles, at Craft & Vision.