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Photographically Speaking: I’m Done.

Just a quick update on the newest book, Photographically Speaking. I was genuinely worried how far we’d have to push the deadlines out on this after my accident but if there’s one things everyone knows, including publishers and Kathy Bates, it’s that a writer with broken ankles gets way more done than his colleagues that waste all their time with walking. So we pushed the deadlines out to mid-August. Today is July 08 and I’m happy to tell you – especially those of you that pre-ordered on Amazon or Barnes and Noble (and I thank you) – that I finished the writing two nights ago and the rest of it, image placements, captions, missing EXIF data, this evening. There will of course be edits and layout and all the stuff the superhero elves at Peachpit / New Riders do over there in the Bat Cave in Berkely, but for my part it’s done.

And I am prouder of this one than all three of the others put together. I think it out-WTFs Within The Frame and I’m hoping will be more actual teaching on the craft of photography than you’ve seen from me to date. What y’all think of it remains to be seen, but I’m prouder than punch. In the coming weeks, I think as soon as July 14th, there will be a Twitterview (an interview on Twitter) about the book, and as teaser material comes out from Peachpit I’ll be sure to tell you about it. But now that it’s so close to done, I can’t see a reason not to throw caution to the wind and just go ahead and pre-order it. :-) You can, should you want to, pre-order from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble through the links below. Or you can wait. It’ll be the same book either way. :-) As always, you’ve got all my gratitude – no author gets here without readers, and I’m grateful. Thank you.

Now I’m off to have a celebratory beer, and then dig into the first novel I’ve read in months. Or watch Misery, though I’m not sure we’re laughing about that just yet. :) But to re-cap: The fourth book in the trilogy is now out of my hands (cf Douglas Adams and do not question the math on 4/3)  and should be out, if Amazon is to be believed, middle of October. Start counting the days! :-)


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