Nov 23rd


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Packing For Antarctica

If there’s an upside to jetlag, it’s productivity. I was up all night so I packed early. Nothing to do now but sit on my thumbs and wait. On Sunday, Nov. 25, I fly to Toronto, then Buenos Aires via Santiago, then on to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, the far southern tip of South America. I’ve got a couple days there to acclimate, do some exploring with a friend, and meet our team of 5 before embarking for the Drake Passage and Antarctic waters. Can hardly wait. For the curious, here’s what I’m taking in my one carry-on and one checked piece:

Carry On, in GuraGear Bataflae 32L

1x Nikon D3s body, batteries, charger
1x Nikon D800 body, batteries, charger
CF / SD cards, cardreader
24mm T/S
Filters and filter holders
11″ MacBook Air
1 x SSD Drive
Microfibre lenscloths (lots of them)
Sensor cleaning kit, Blower
Notebook, pens
Passports (2)
iPhone, charger, spare battery
, Bose in-ear headphones

Kindle, with a couple books about Antarctic exploration
Medical Insurance up to date
MedJet Assist Evacuation Insurance up to date

Checked, in Rimowa Aluminum.

Gitzo Ocean Traveler Tripod
Cable release
2x Patagonia long underwear bottoms
2x Patagonia long underwear tops
4x Icebreaker merino underwear
2x Icebreaker merino T-shirts
2x Filson Long sleeve shirts
2x Icebreaker merino Sweaters
1x Patagonia Rain Jacket
1x Patagonia Rain pants
1x Patagonia guide pants
1x Patagonia Down Vest
2x Jeans
1 x Outdoor Research Balaclava
1x Icebreaker merino tuque (wool hat)
2x sockliners
4x Icebreaker merino wool socks, medium weight
2x Patagonia wool socks, heavy weight for rubber boots
2x thin glove liners
1x Patagonia ice climbing gloves
1x Black diamond fingerless mitts
1x LaSportiva approach shoes
Black Diamond trekking poles
Sm. Med Kit
Spare glasses and sunglasses
6-outlet power-strip

Last year I told everyone I wouldn’t be posting from the ship and then found out I could buy satellite access and managed to stay in touch with some regularity with postcards. In the end I think I posted more from that trip than many others. Shackleton would be baffled. I’ll do my best to do the same this year. See you there!

Jul 23rd


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Gitzo Systematic Tripod (GT3542LS)

Emily, my Gitzo Systematic Tripod, and Me. 2012. Photo: Al Smith I’ve written before about tripods and my growing insistence on using them for my own work. Here’s a look at the one I favour these days, with a few specs and mostly wild opinions that stem from personal use. Disclaimer: I love this tripod. […]

Jul 4th


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Packed: Mongolia

I’m flying to Mongolia tonight. I have two carry-ons; a Kiboko bag and a Think Tank Retro 30. And I have one checked piece, my dented but beloved Rimowa Topaz. For the curious, here’s what I’m packing. And man am I happy to be going in the summer! Last time it was February and much […]

Jun 13th


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Backup Questions Answered

Dave Delnea downloading images in Iceland, 2010. There’s some great discussion going on in the comments of last Friday’s post, Backups Revisited. I think the topic of backups warrants some attention. We talk so much about lenses and tripods and, frankly, spend a lot of money on this art, that it’s insane not to spend […]

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