Jan 13th


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New eBook: Growing The VisionMonger 2

I’m in Kenya right now but before I left my elves hit the publish button on our latest eBook and they’re rolling it out today. Growing The VisionMonger 2, A Kick-Ass Guide For the Photographic Entrepreneur,  is the overdue follow-up to Corwin Hiebert’s first, and equally poetically-titled, Growing The VisionMonger.

Anyone that’s been here long knows that Corwin is my manager and best-friend. So if it looks like I’m shamelessly plugging my best friend’s book, I am. Corwin’s run my business for the last 5 years and I’d be lost without him. I’m good at what I do, but there are things Corwin does much better. He’s an honest-to-God, world-class manager who understand the business stuff on a level I’d need to hire someone to do. Which is what I did. And I chose Corwin. Dude knows his stuff. N’uff said. So when he told me he was scheming a follow-up, I said “do it!”

This is a bit of a niche book, and we know that. Not everyone’s out to make a living, or even moonlight, with their photography. If that’s you, then take the month off, go make some great photographs. We’ll be back in February with the next issue of PHOTOGRAPH.  But…  for those of you wanting to take your craft to market, this book will be worth much more than the $5 it’ll cost you. Though if you get it in the next few days, it’ll only be $4.

In 68 spreads, Corwin addresses topics from creativity to business skills to networking, marketing, branding, and revenue streams, to name a few. And he’s included 12 Q+As with 12 working photographers to round it out. Growing The VisionMonger 2 lives up to the “Kick-Ass” part of the subtitle because he’s not big on secrets, and generously shares the real dirt on these issues. And he brings an expertise few books like this have, because he’s not a photographer – his business is growing a kick-ass business, and freeing photographers to make kick-ass photographs.

It’s the new year, and time to start thinking about new directions. If part of that is your business, then this is hands-down the best $5 investment you’ll make short of taking a potential client out for coffee, which, by the way, Corwin would give you a high-five for.

Buy the eBook

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Special Offer on PDFs
For the first five days only, use the promotional code MONGER4 when you checkout and pay only $4 OR on use the code MONGER20 to get 20% off when you buy 5+ PDF eBooks. These codes expire at 11:59pm (PST) January 18, 2013.

Buy the Bundle
Get both Growing the VisionMonger titles for $8 USD. That’s 20% off. That’s a lot of mongering :)

Jul 24th


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Stop Waiting.

Marshall Eagle, Kenya, 2012   Perhaps because I spend so much time with creatives I spend more time with frustrated people who feel like they were meant for something more. Perhaps if the default in this culture was to make a living in the arts, we’d be seeing plumbers that just wanted to quit their […]

Feb 8th


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Work or Whine. A Rant.

Shooting sunset in the Maasai Mara, while a ranger keeps an eye out. Photo credit: Regis Vincent. When Nicole S. Young’s ebook on MicroStock came out last year on the Craft&Vision site, we caught some flack for “supporting the microstock model.” We were told how unfair the model is, how it’s going to put photographers […]

Photographically Speaking: I’m Done.

Just a quick update on the newest book, Photographically Speaking. I was genuinely worried how far we’d have to push the deadlines out on this after my accident but if there’s one things everyone knows, including publishers and Kathy Bates, it’s that a writer with broken ankles gets way more done than his colleagues that […]

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