Jan 11th


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Musings of a Manager

This is Corwin. Corwin meet everyone, everyone, Corwin. Corwin’s my manager, friend, and Fire Put-er Outer. In my absence he thought he’d grab the microphone and fill the dead air. Corwin is a sharp mind who gets professional creatives like no one else I know. He’s the author of Growing The VisionMonger, the most recent eBook on offer from Craft & Vision. Highly recommended. Anyways, that’s the intro. Corwin will post while I’m gone. Look for a post from me on the 15th.

Ever had the awkward feeling that you’re standing on stage, wearing nothing but black socks? Well over these past few days I’ve lived on a stage of sorts. Last week saw the launch of the first collaborative eBook on Craft & Vision and, sure enough, it was mine. Not only am I the first non-duChemin to put it out there, but I’m also the first non-photographer to do so (that’s where the naked part comes in—the socks are just a bonus). I wrote Growing the VisionMonger in hopes of providing a helping hand to weekend warriors and pros alike, but there was a lesson in that eBook for me too: move quickly on a good idea, regardless of the risk.

That’s what I’ve learned from being around David; when a good idea comes along, he jumps all over it. As his manager, I’m privy to David’s schedule (his tasks, his clients, his whims and stressors) and I see all that he has on his plate. What always stands out to me is how he’s always looking for a big idea and how prepared he is to make it a reality. When he gets inspired, he moves fast. Take, for example, this whole Craft & Vision thing. When hiking with him this past August, David says to me, “Hey, I’m thinking of writing an eBook, what do you think?” We chatted about it for a few minutes, as we scrambled through a gully, and that was that. Well, within a few days, wham-o! eBook out the door (and 4 more followed shortly thereafter).

So what’s his secret? Well, seeing how he’s out of the country and less able to defend himself, let me tell you. David makes small, attainable goals and then works very hard to complete them. Those initial steps happen within a day, if not within an hour. And, when inspired, he tells people about it. He doesn’t sit on a good idea; he shares it. This gives him enough feedback to make the tweaks and changes he needs to feel confident about moving forward. He also gains the support of those his trusts and enjoys working with.

So what about your ideas? Which ones have been percolating for far too long? Which ones do you want to make a move on and see become a reality? Why not take a risk, jump up on stage, and put some action to your inspiration? I would, however, recommend keeping your clothes on.

Growing The VisionMonger is available, with all the Craft & Vision titles, for only $5 from

Sustaining The Practice of Art

“The practice of art isn’t to make a living. It’s to make your soul grow.” ~Kurt Vonnegut Chase Jarvis recently posted about his Create-Share-Sustain paradigm. I’ve referenced it, linked to it, quoted it several times this past year. In that paradigm, the notion of sustaining the create-share cycle is generally seen as a financial one. […]

Dec 21st


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Doomed(?) Revisited.

2008. Sleeping on the train to Tunis, Tunisia. Or Sfax. I can’t recall now. Photo credit: The Legendary H. On Friday I posted a letter from a photographer asking a very pointed question about his future in the craft. I put the note out there and invited replies from you, and boy did you ever […]

Dec 17th


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Doomed To Mediocrity?

I got this question in my inbox this week: In the past two decades I’ve learned at least one thing about myself:  I don’t do expert well. I do bouncing around, try everything once well.  Chalk it up to my being Gemini, too much coffee or ADD. I can get good, and focus for short […]

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