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ShowCoverMy second book, VisionMongers, Making a Life and a Living in Photography, is going to press in a week, earlier than originally planned. Why? Because y’all said you couldn’t wait and I’m not so patient myself. It means that the book will be released on November 16 and anyone who pre-ordered on will get theirs within a week of that. Possibly sooner.

Nobody told me about this (they like to keep me guessing!) but thanks to the power of Twitter I discovered some sample content on the Peachpit site HERE. Look for the Sample Content tab, it’ll give you a downloadable sample. Enjoy.


  1. Mr. David, I found your blog through one of a fellow photographers in Malaysia. I am now a proud owner of ‘Within The Frame’. I’ve waited for about a month to get the printed copy of it. After few chapters of the book I had already grasp the idea of the vision. It has become an errand for me to read your blogs since then. For the next copy i will make sure i am going to own it even though i am not the first one. Looking forward for vision mongers. Dian Nais

  2. David, After going over the preview I am decided this will be my birthday present – it will be released JIT- I don’t know whether it is coincidence or what but you are giving me some clear answers to some doubts I’ve got about photography as a learning process and the perception about it. My brain is still 50% stuck in the buy best gear mode, yet I keep on reading you to go to the other – cheaper yet not easier way-

  3. Hi baldy!

    Like I think I’ve told you before I finished With In the Frame a while back and I liked it a lot and it filled me with new inspiration, something I didn’t thought I needed since I’m pretty new to all of this and lack of inspiration hasn’t hit me that hard yet.

    And after reading the sample from your upcoming book I think I’ll like that even more, because you seem to be addressing the exact same s*** that is going through my head pretty much everyday and in “the cut the crap” kinda way I wanted delivered to me. I have a real passion for photography and I want to “go pro” and your book might be what I need to just take the leap and see what I find on the other side….. or it might be just 272 pages of BS 🙂 we’ll see!

    Greetings from Iceland!

  4. Part way through 10 more and wanted to say thanks a lot for distracting me with the link to the peach pit teaser. No really, thanks so much for your incite. Very Chase Jarvis of you to lift the cover off the black box and let us part timers see into the ugly and sexy parts of the photography industry. It’s on my wish list (the book).

  5. Nice preview to of the book. It appears to be your usual blunt, honest take on the trade. Which in my view is positive. It’s not easy and not for everyone, but with work, practice, frustration, and …. it is extremely satisfying, enlightening, and continually enriching. Personally, I am trying to work on my portraiture photography and approaching people. It’s refreshing to hear you say how terrifying it is for you still too.

    Thanks for passing on the knowledge from all you have learned so far.

    I look forward to the rest of the book.

  6. Welcome back David! & i’m looking forward to the book. From the sample it’s looking like it’s going to be another cracker that the world of photography really needs .. in fact the world of anything really needs.

    As you say, it’s ‘Hard!’ and the only time it isn’t is when it’s ‘really Hard!’ but so few pros’ll actually tell you that so, you end up giving in because you’re struggling and have been fooled into believing you shouldn’t be.

    Refereshing honesty and great to hear it!

  7. I eagerly await this second book and will be downloading your e-books very soon. I would like to let you know that I am half-way through “Within The Frame” and your words are changing the way I photograph. It’s a process, and at times a frustrating one. But I’m trying and loving the process of learning how express myself. My brothers are with me on this journey of improvement and we’re documenting our efforts on our photoblog.
    I’m sure you get this a lot, but I would be so honored if you would look at what we’re doing. We’re at and You’ll find yourself and your words mentioned there, always with credit where it’s due.
    I appreciate your gift and your words in sharing and teaching. Thank you.

  8. Congratulations David! Will be sure to put in my order. Looking forward to this and ‘Drawing the Eye’. Time to get busy with that 3rd book – your audience demands it! 🙂

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