Kenya & Bangladesh – World Vision Canada

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In November I was in Kenya for World Vision Canada, in February I was in Bangladesh. Both trips were a visual adventure for me, another challenge to shoot similar subject matter in new ways and to discover new moments. I’ve only now got around to posting something. Part of that is simple deference to the client’s wishes as they complete their own projects around these images, and part is in just getting around to it. I finally got around to it. Enjoy. Click the big image to get there, or click HERE.


  1. Excellent work, David! I won’t say which photo I think is ‘best’ as they work very well together to tell a captivating story, as well as being capable of standing on their own to tell their mini-stories of those moments in time.

    I really am impressed and appreciate your selection of simple backgrounds that complement the images both in terms of color as well as contrasting textures. The school image with the teacher and student with the globe is a wonderful example of using all elements within the frame to their up-most! And yup, I’m reading your book. 🙂

  2. she is magnificent, and those earrings could inspire a new wave of piercings! the one with the little boy flying through the air with his soccer ball is wonderful.

  3. David,
    Beautiful images as always. I love the picture of the little girl picking the fruit. The color of her scarf being the same as the fruit in her hand brings a nice balance to the image. Regarding your comment about letting the cat out of the bag, are we to assume that book number three is about the inner geek? You could call it Geek Mongers, or Gear Mongers. What do you think?

  4. David,
    Wonderful endearing photos. Maybe some day I will have enough equipment to go on one of these trips. They seem a little daunting but they do intrigue me. Thanks for showing them to us.

  5. David,
    Thanks for the information.

    Like Pavlov’s dog I’m salivating already, it was just the mere hint of a another book that did it 😉

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  8. Author

    Thanks, folks. Some really kind words in there. Funny how our work evolves yet we barely notice it. Last night I was updating my portfolio and suddenly see a real arc in the way my images have changed.

    Dave – I have a pretty standard post-processing routine for these images, all in LR. Basically I bring the blacks and whites just to the edge of clipping, steepen the tone curve, and add some vignetting. That’s about it, though it’s a preset now so I’ve forgotten some of the tweaks. Guess you’ll have to wait for book number three. Oh, there I’ve gone and let the cat out of the bag and done it in comments where no one will see it 🙂

  9. Nice work Dave! My favourite is the image of the two girls with goats – walking along the grass, looking at each other and laughing. Many components of a great shot there – emotion, movement, light composition, colour – all real solid. Thanks for sharing mate!

  10. Excellent set of images – great use of colour, selective focusing, lighting, and composition.

    Out of interest- are the images porcessed in LR or Photoshop (maybe both)? I really like the clarity and depth of colour.

  11. Great pics for a great charity. A reminder that I need to give more. Thanks for your ability to bring these people into our homes.

  12. Makes a lot of other things seem contrived and pithy.

    Who’s gonna argue Canon vs. Nikon when there are photographs, and people, like these in the world. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Just beautiful. I smiled my way all the way to the end of the slide show. I can see a lot of love going into your photos, David. That’s reflected in each and every shot.

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  15. Wonderful. The stories go beyond ‘We Can’ to ‘We Are’. The colours are so rich and the interaction with, and joy in, each subject has certainly got my day off to a great start. ‘Way to go’ as they say on your side of the ponds.

  16. Love the shots.

    Have you ever tried Monoslideshow instead of SSP? About the same price, same lightroom integration, but better interface and smoother transitions.

  17. Great stuff David.

    I should be traveling and shooting for Metamorphic International a little later in the year, and this has really whet my appetite, after a year of being ‘grounded’ in Oz.

    Man, I’m itching to get back out in the field, to the REAL stuff.

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