Postcard from Ko Samet

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It’s a postcard from Ko Samet (a small island in the Gulf of Thailand), but mailed from Bangkok. We got into Bangkok a couple hours ago, scrounged dinner and are moments away from turning off the lights and getting some sleep before our 4:30am wake-up call. Early flights tomorrow – Henri flies home via Tokyo, I fly home via Hong Kong.

Ko Samet was amazing – so laid back, so beautiful. My faithful friend Gavin Gough set us up with a fantastic out-of-the-way place to stay on the beach, and we spent 3 days relaxing, baking in the sun, swimming, and eating all the pad thai a man could ask for. I needed this break so much, thanks for your patience with my absence.

Shot the above at sunset last night at the pier. We spent alot of time at this pier, ate meals here, swam here. It just had so much character and the Apache restaurant at the foot of it, has tables along its length – perfect for sitting, relaxing, and having a drink. After I shot this I remembered a shot Gavin had taken some months back and wondered if it was the same pier – sure enough it was. Gavin shot wider at sunrise, I shot a little tighter at sunset – same great place. Might do a wallpaper of this for next month as a compliment to Gavin’s (link HERE) Believe it or not this one got very little post processing – a little exposure bump and that’s about it. Sometime’s the light’s just this great.

See you back in Vancouver!


  1. Very nice shot! That will make a great wallpaper, any chance of getting a 16:9 version for us widescreen peoples?

  2. Awesome postcard, if that’s not great light, I don’t know what is…
    On a separate note, you are not supposed to be this good at landscapes, I mean what the hell are WE supposed to do now… 😀

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  4. Wow! That’s a great shot, love the colors. After reading this post I just want to get on a plane and head for Thailand. The Thai Tourism Board should consider giving you a job. Have a safe trip back home.

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