Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving

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It’s Monday. We’re still eating Turkey up here. I don’t have pictures of turkey, so you get two pigeons instead. Sorry. Times are tight. 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll discuss the images I showed in the slideshow I posted on Friday, today I’m busy being thankful. But I’ve got suggestions for you if you’re bored:

1. Go back up your hard-drives. Don’t have a decent back-up solution? Make sure you enter the Drobo Giveway by leaving a comment on last Wednesday’s post HERE.

2. Go read a good book. Don’t have one? Try one of the books recommended in this post or the comments that follow it.

3. Calibrate your monitor. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

4. Get your hands on one, or both of my eBooks- TEN and TEN MORE – available in the Pixelated Image Bookstore HERE. – Heck, if you use the coupon code: TURKEY you can get them for 50% off until my turkey has digested – and I’m giving that to the end of tomorrow (October 13) It’s practically a TWO-FER-ONE! 🙂

5. Here’s the crazy one. I put it in here just for fun. Go make some photographs. I know, crazy right? 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.


  1. Is Turkey supposed to work for Drawing the Eye?
    I got it first anyway, love the work you do, and the support you are providing to the ‘community’. Also, just handed in 3 assignments this week so I need to to freshen up my mind. Went shooting for 2 hours after going to uni yesterday and my legs are sore so I’m being lazy at home right now..

    More shooting on the weekend!

  2. Thank you so much for that wonderful gift of a discount. $5 might not be much for everyone but it is for me. I loved your Within the Frame and was eager to read anything else you put out. That discount brought me to purchase these two e-books and I eagerly anticipate Vision Mongers. Thanks for taking the time to write from the creative vantage point primarily. I love how-to books but they are much easier to come by. Thanks again.
    Clayton Pearsltein

  3. thanks a lotfor the TURKEY treat! can’t wait for the third book “drawing the eye”

  4. Just the incentive I needed to get the ebooks I have been wanting. They are perfect little morsels of inspiration and reminders. Thanks, David!

  5. I’ll take the twoferone deal. Can’t wait to read these. Thanks again and Happy Turkey day.

  6. Thanks so much. This price discount made it so easy to give them a try. Smart move. Low price, volume sales, very little overhead. I have been using the same technique with print sales. Matted prints always far under $100 and people have no problem makingthe purchase with out lots of cautious thought. I sell far more prints and make much more money this way than when I sold prints for well more than $100. Digial makes all of this possible. Thanks for extending this paradigm.

  7. I already have number 5 planned. I will be taking some portraits of my nephew at the park before the feast begins.

    May your turkey coma be a short one.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving. I’ve just taken up your TURKEY offer and although I’ve only had time for a quick scan, I know I’ve paid quite a lot more for other entire books that offer quite a lot less in the way of practical advice.
    Thank you.

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