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Dusk at Karen Blixen Camp just outside the Maasai Mara National Park.

I’m writing this at the Amsterdam airport. Been here since 5am and my flight leaves at 5pm, another couple hours. Another 12 hours from now and I’ll be home. Had a fun layover in Amsterdam but my wifi just ran out. So I’ll post this from home.

Can’t wait to update you on the trip to Kenya, my first safari. I travelled with an exceptional group of photographers with gear ranging from iPhones to pro-cameras and big glass with multipliers, surrounded by beanbags and monopods, and it’s been a fantastic trip. We’re already in the initial stages of planning for 2011 and I can hardly wait.

I’m not a wildlife photographer, but this trip re-awakened in me some deep conservationist leanings, and a new appreciation for how difficult the work of some of the best wildlife shooters is. I came away with a head full of lessons, African savannah air that lightens the chest and the spirit, and a heart full of possibilities. One of those possibilities is a school for Maasai children. Tomorrow the next eBook launches and the first 1000 copies sold are going to build a new wing on to a school just outside the Maasai mara. I got into the kind of photography I did because I saw it as a possible agent of change, and this is a great example of thinking  a little outside the box – something at which Africans are exceedingly good. At some point I’ll post a slideshow of images from that school, but I want to thank you in advance for being part of the future of these incredible kids.

Stay tuned tomorrow (Jan 22nd) for the launch of The Inspired Eye, Vol II. There’s a discount – in fact, TWO of them to choose from – and the first 1000 copies sold go straight to this project; the construction will be overseen by GIVE International and 100% of those funds will go to building this wing. It’s our project, so spread the love and tell the world.

I’m around until the 28th, will be blogging until then. Then it’s off to Senegal and I’m sorry to say it’ll be quiet again around these here parts until the 14th of February.

It’s good to be home. I’ll post more soon, including some images. Just give me a little time to catch my breath.


  1. I think it is so cool that you are donating the first 1,000 copies for the school.
    Great shot you shared today – looking forward seeing some of the others.

  2. Hi David, glad you’re back! Great photo, I look forward to seeing more and to reading about the lessons you learned while on safari. (ebook?) 🙂 Thank you very much for giving us an opportunity to help build a school, what fun! Please let us know if we can do more to contribute (supplies, etc).

    You are absolutely an agent for change in many areas, …photographically, worldview, etc. Thanks for continuing to share you vision with us while encouraging us to shape our own.

  3. Welcome Back! Oh, how well do I know how that African sky can turn its magic — it’s wonderful.

    Congrats on your school project. It is so true how resourceful and creative they are. A little bit in our world can go a long way over there. Really.

    Glad to hear you are off to Senegal — we will not be there until late February/March, but if you’d like some contacts (I have a very dear friend who drives a taxi for example), please drop me an email. Otherwise, enjoy the “Tieb” (national dish) and some very cold and excellent Gazelle beers!

    All the best,


  4. I’m constantly fascinated at not only your photography but how you use your position and creativity to benefit others, whether they be children in need of a school, or just us fellow photographers. Good stuff

  5. David, What the best way to get your ebooks printed once I have purchased them? (I don’t have a printer)

    I have purchased most of them but I still like to have them on paper to read in bed.

    Any particular service you could point

  6. You are so awesome… you inspire me both as a photographer and as a person with a mission in life to make a difference in the world. I salute you. Looking forward to the e-book tomorrow. I’ve read all of your ebooks and loved every single one of them.

  7. Glad to see you made it back. It was great traveling with you in Kenya. It is wonderful of you to support the school! All the children we met were just incredible and so deserving of our support.

  8. welcome home. glad all went well. even more glad to hear about the work with the school. thanks for going outside of the box, thereby bringing us along with you

  9. have to admit – sorta missed ya!
    anyway, charge double for the eBook – its more than worth it for the content and the cause!

  10. Hi David,
    wellcome back. I look forward seeing your pictures from Kenia as I have plant a trip there in September this year.
    cheers Heinz

  11. Welcome back David, I thought you might have a quite year after the last 12 months but it doesn’t look that way so far 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing some pics

  12. I tried to pre-order as soon as I read your post, but….
    If I don’t make the first 1000, please let me (us?) know how I can still donate at least that amount to the cause.

  13. Nice – I was going to get the eBook anyway, but it’s good to know it goes towards something good as well.

    ‘Can’t wait to see the new images…

  14. Welcome home David. It’s pretty mild here in Vancouver. Notice we can’t see any snow on the mountains! I am very excited about the Olympics but am afraid our beautiful city will not be showing at it’s best. I am still going through your book Within the Frame that I got for Christmas. I take quiet time each day to read and digest. You have made me get out with my camera even on these dull days. Thanks again for all the inspiration.

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