Last Postcard from Camogli

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It’s our last day here and I’m both sad to leave Camogli, and excited to be moving on to Venice, a city I’ve wanted to see and photograph for a long, long time. And with that longing comes expectations and the rollercoaster of wrestling through those expectations to get through to the other side where I can see the place as I see it, unconfined by the postcards I’ve seen, and the images I’ve got in my mind. Never easy. But when you let yourself just go through the process it’s much better than easy, it’s exciting and gratifying, and like meeting – and falling in love with – someone. I’ve heard Venice is easy to love and can’t wait to see her.

So I’m leaving you with this one. You know how I say “shoot what you love”? Well I love this scene. And I loved the colours. And I was drinking a glass of Vermentino with the team at the time. So it doesn’t get much better than this. But this guy was everywhere and his accordian made my ears bleed and if I hadn’t grabbed my camera to shoot him I’d have run down the street instead, with my fingers in my ears yelling, “Make it stop, dear God, MAKE IT STOP.” So it’s a mercy there’s no imbedded audio in this one.

Off to Venice tomorrow morning. Wish you were here.

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  1. David

    The accordian player had just finished reading one of your Rants in your archive, clearly, just SUCKING and throwing caution to the wind:

    “Embrace it. We all suck. Now go take some risks, cause hey, if it’s going to suck anyways, what do you have to lose by trying harder, taking risks, and throwing caution to the wind? ”


  2. i fell in love with venice at the tender age of 16 while enjoying my first lemon gelato, in the middle of a stinking hot day surrounded by what seemed like thousands of tourists – this was many years ago and i have been back several times but never with my DSLR so will have to go back and feel and be inspired by the love all over again. thanks for sharing your pre-venice times and looking forward to hearing and seeing about your love for venice.
    PS have started reading your new book and it is splendid and inspirational and just great.

  3. I love that this photo takes me right back to Camogli. It makes me smile to think of the sounds of that accordian and the responses it envoked from the group.

    Hope ya’ll enjoy the rest of the trip; can’t wait to see the images everyone has captured!

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  5. That’s a great shot! I love the general feeling and the colors. It takes me back to Italy in a second.The blurry effect in the back of people passing by is a great plus. I have a shot in mind where I’m trying to achieve a similar effect. What shutter speed did you use here?
    I’m sure you’ll love Venice. It’s one of my favorite cities. I’m really looking forward to seeing how you capture it. Have a great trip. Enjoy

  6. Lucky you for the weather in Liguria lately. I postponed my weekend there (forecast is so bad). Anyway, Venice: I went a couple of time in different seasons when I was a boy and it was always full of people (but always good to shot, for me, and surely for you!). Enjoy! (oh, surely you already know, plan a visit to Burano too, so close, so nice)

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