Postcard from Vernazza, Italy

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A quick hello from Italy. We arrived this morning to Camogli and will be based here for the next three nights. Last night we spent the evening shooting at Vernazza – if you’ve seen a photograph of the Cinque Terre it’s likely the port town of Vernazza you’ve seen. Then we had a late dinner with too much wine and pasta and there’s a rumour I might have been singing Ebony and Ivory as we left the restaurant, but I wouldn’t believe everything you hear.

Having a great time, but the internet’s dodgy and the nights are late, so posts here, well, it’s either put a post up or have another panacotta and sciaccatre. The dolci wins every time, sorry.


  1. don’t forget to swim, while you’re there, photos are not the only thing in life….

  2. Go you. Have a great time. Enjoy the whatever that drink is. No clue how to say it or spell it.

  3. My wife and I were there last September and your photo really brings back some great memories! And, Cinque Terre was one of the best places we stayed. I even have a photo of those very same boats ( They are not as yours mind you, but I had such a great time taking them. Oops! Imean making them 😉

    Have a great trip even though you are ‘working’. Looking forward to more blog posts.

  4. I stayed in the cinque terre for almost a week a couple years ago, and cannot wait to go back. Make sure to check out the home-made monorails that run up and down the cliffs for collecting grapes!

  5. Sorry I have to believe the rumors after seeing that you hands were shaking a little while taking the shot of the boats you posted, heh, heh.

  6. Great shot and sounds like good times! So wish I could be there. Looks like the tripod got some use there… or maybe thats how transportation looks with the beverage you mentioned that I’m not going to try to spell. And I don’t have a drink of drop in me yet.

  7. Vernazza is a great place! I’ve been there in May and late September. The hike from Monterosa to Vernazza is wonderful.

  8. Great photo. Even if during the working days I live in another region, on the weekend I often return to my birthplace in Liguria region, and I can say that the “Five Lands” (Cinque terre) are one of its best place to see.

  9. Enjoy the time there and the sciacchetrà (I have a bottle of that here). Try the local anchovies too – nothing like the ones here – oh and enjoy the w/s too.

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  11. I have to say I envy you a bit …. I visited Italia in the early 90’s … and really miss that place!

    I don’t think I visited a part of Italia that I didn’t fall in love with!

  12. Impress your host by ending the evening meal with “un caffè corretto a grappa.” You will sleep like a baby and wake refreshed in the morning. Ciao…

  13. Author

    Thanks Ugo – The more of this stuff you drink, the less the spelling seems to matter 🙂 Sorry you can’t be with us. Next year?

  14. To think that I’m sitting here just about 150km away and not being able to join you drives me mad!

    By the way, it’s spelled “sciacchetrà” (pron. schah-keh-trah) 😉

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