Postcards from Venice, Italy

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The last of our Italy Within The Frame team is now leaving in their different directions home and I’ve got a day off before beginning 4 full days of shooting my personal project here. Our last evening began with my friend Marco Ryan and I in a gondola with tripods and cameras and gelled speedlights (and you thought I had no idea how to use these things! 🙂 . Amazing neither of us landed in the canals and the gondolier we hired was really patient with us pointing our lenses at him for 90 minutes. And then we had a last meal as a team, more wine, more pasta, more laughs, and somehow we ended up in Piazza San Marco with masks (how did I get the pink one with glitter on it?) and more speedlights and laughter.

My new friends Eli Reinholdsten and Jeff Fielding.You’ll be hearing from me about Eli again soon, and Jeff and I became fast friends. He’s also gunning for a job as Chase Jarvis’ body double. Dude looks so much like Chase it was kind of weird.

I’m missing the team already. Jeffery Chapman and I have a couple last meals together and then he and his lovely wife are off to Milan and I’m staying here to chase my muse through the early morning and late evening streets to work an idea of mine into fruition. This is a personal project and I’m both excited and nervous. I’ve never chased a theme like this before, and with every new endeavour there’s the chance of failure. But art, like life, is about risk and digging deeper than is comfortable. So, with an umbrella, Pete Murray’s Summer At Eureka on my ipod, and a camera in hand, here we go.

I’ll be quiet for a couple days while I focus on things, but I’m bound to check in once in a while. Be good while I’m gone. Gotta go, the boat’s waiting…


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  2. awesome work, David, keep the EDGE going with your personal project chase.

    “The picture is not thought out and determined beforehand, rather while it is being made it follows the mobility of thought. Finished, it changes further, according to the condition of him who looks at it.”

    Pablo Picasso

  3. Just a couple hours out of Venice and I already miss it. Fortunately, it’s great to be back in Milan.

    David, I hope you find your muse; if not, well, think leather!

  4. Love that picture! Will you be wearing your pink mask while shooting your project?

  5. David,

    Wonderful to see how great of a time you and the team had, thanks for sharing. Looking forward meeting you at Kathmandu Within the Frame later this year.

  6. Good luck, may the Muse be with you! Recharge while you’re there! I think I can safely say we all look forward to seeing your ‘project’

  7. Nice images. Is that a touch of the tungsten WB and CTO gel for the gondolier shot?

    Good to see your taking some time out.

    Enjoy Venice!

  8. David,
    Nice images. I see a touch of the strobist here – tungsten WB and CTO gel for the gondolier shot?

    Good to see that you are taking some time out and following your muse.

    Enjoy Venice!

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