Gitzo Fleece – This One Goes Up To 11.

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Within a stone’s throw of the Arctic Circle in Iceland. Photo: Dave Delnea

It’s been a while since an unapologetic gear post but I need to get this out there. I love the Gitzo fleece jacket. It’s not right for a guy to love a jacket this much, much less a jacket that raises my nerd factor to 11. Hell, this jacket goes up to 13, it’s that nerdy. But oh do I love it, and as most of my shooting happens in places where even a vest is too hot, this was my first time to really wear this miracle of recycled water bottle multi-pocketed fleecy goodness. Here’s the official image of it being worn by a man who also models for colouring books, only he looks less nerdy when he wears it. Could be the hair.

The jacket’s not light – but you can put pro-sized bodies and lenses in it, carry more CF cards, lens cleaners, hats, mits, Moleskine journals, flashlights, Leatherman multi-tools, than one person should own, let alone carry on their person while also looking like a member of a Special Ops bowling team or SWAT softball league. Assuming men with that much testosterone and access to guns would have such clubs and/or leagues, this would be the jacket they would wear. But I bet they’d embroider something cool on the back instead of just GITZO, which is what it says now at the base of the neck.

Seriously, this is an incredible jacket and if access to your stuff while keeping warm, if not mildly unfashionable due to the excess of pockets, is important to you, then this thing is a win. No, I wouldn’t wear it around town. Not often, anyways. Maybe for special occasions, like when Bruce Willis and Steven Seagal are kickin’ it in Vancouver and I want to hang out with them but need to feel a little more ready to take on the end of the world or evil Asian Triads while I do so, I might wear it around town then.

The pockets are legion, and huge. There are thick patches on the shoulder and elbows, a large back pocket in which you could stow a small child, or at least 3 Puffins, which is what I wanted to do, and – did I mention the pockets? There are many of them. Many much pocketed goodness! And a huge tab/loop/hang-yer-30lb-jacket-from-this-if-you-can-find-a-railway-spike-deeply-embedded-in-a-load-bearing-wall on the back by which one can carry the jacket, or swing it fully loaded like a Russian kettlebell should you be away from your preferred means of exercise.

I love this jacket, and while it does border only slightly on the absurd side of extreme, I was really grateful for it in Iceland and know I’ll get a lot out of it in cooler weather travel shooting. It ain’t cheap, but nothing with the Gitzo name on it usually is. You can get more information from the B&H Photo website HERE. Despite the sarcastic review, highly recommended. You can have mine when you peel it from my cold dead body (update: my warm, well-insulated, multi-pocketed corpse). Here is another photograph, this time worn by a very rugged, yet contemplative photographer. (Laugh if you must, but my pockets can beat-up your pockets any day!)


  1. OK, I actually saw one of these in Sim City today. Amazing amount of storage space. Was a little put off by the price (equ 450US+), but still.

    Was tempted…

  2. As much as I envy you all those pockets, I’m more envious of your wife because I love a man who can make me laugh and you’re very dependable that way. Thankfully the price makes me unwilling to consider the jacket because I would look not merely nerdy but ridiculous in it. (Now, what would I spend that money on instead…hmmm…) πŸ˜‰

  3. So when your fourth book comes out are you going to call it Within the Pocket?

    How about Vision and Vests?

  4. Author

    ML Richardson – Fear not the jacket. The jacket is good, the jacket is wise. The puffin on the other hand, you might just want to be careful with them. πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve just been shopping for an upcoming trip, as women’s clothing never seems to have pockets. I have to admit that I’m utterly afraid of this jacket. I would never be able to find anything, and I’d probably grab a Puffin inappropriately and be bitten.

  6. Author

    No, Barry, it counts as “business AWESOME” New category. I just invented it. πŸ™‚

  7. Priceless. Left me wondering what else could be embroidered on the back. Maybe “PHOTOGRAPHER” in extra bold comic sans…


  8. Woman, stay away from this product. It makes you look like a Ninja Turtle and fully packed the weight distribution is not really comfortable for the back etc. πŸ™‚

  9. Clearly a man’s clothing. We (women) won’t want to get caught wearing that because it will make us look fat!

  10. Reminds me about a friend I had way back who wore this North Face jacket with zip-on daypack when going out for a drink. He never understood why he couldn’t chat up a girl πŸ™‚

  11. Fact of the matter is this…

    all photographers are nerds. However because we are photographers it cancels out any negative effects that nerdiest might have.

    The better the photographer, the more it cancels out even to the extent that some may consider you “cool.”

  12. Thought provoking post. I love your enthusiasm for the product and literary description. And I concur, the pocket-induced sense of satisfaction must be intoxicating.

    However, the beauty of a camera bag is being able to set it down and compose an image unencumbered by the weight of our profession….

    PS – it wouldn’t make my butt look big and I would most certainly sink with all my gear.

  13. At what point in your trip did you want to stow the puffins: in the beginning when you thought they were cute, or at the end when you thought they were delicious? πŸ˜‰

    It looks like it could also double as a flotation device. I don’t think I could pull it off. I’d be worried it would make my butt look big.

  14. I would really hope it’s near bullet proof for that price. That’s going to have to last a lot of years for me to justify that kind of money on a jacket that looks that goofy. (I mean the goofy thing in the most loving way possible, of course.)

  15. I am so gonna have to get me one, just to make my husband jealous. I can already feel the pocket envy emanating from him and I haven’t even shared this link yet.

  16. Um, I’m assuming a bottle of wine would have fit nicely in one of those pockets?

  17. Author

    I appreciate your restraint, Jeff. Your choice of the word “slightly” is a kindness, thank you. πŸ™‚

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