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Jokulsarlon, Iceland.

A quickie from Iceland. Unbelievable here. Have I said that already? Un-Believe-Able. Last night we camped on the tundra within sight of icebergs. How cool is that? (It’s pretty darn cool.) The shot above is from one of the series of images I’m putting together. Can’t wait to share this stuff. Having way too much fun but I’ve never been this consistently wet and cold in all my life.  I’m typing this in the truck as we head towards a place with soup and coffee. I hope. Either that or it’s bottled water and Clif Bars. I’m hoping for the soup.

Photo of me looking very contemplative at camp last night: Dave Delnea


  1. great shots! I recognize nice softness from PC lens 🙂
    and I envy you the adventure of camping on the tundra- that must have been great experience!

  2. Author

    Roger – I have indeed. I almost looked Rebekka up but the intinerary looked tighter than social visits would accomodate. But you’re right, her photographs are beautiful. Lots of talent here in Iceland!

  3. By the way: have you ever seen the photographs of Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir ( She is from Iceland and takes wonderfull and very creative pictures.

    Regards, Roger

  4. Author

    Thomas – Oh, there was whisky indeed – Ardbeg 10 Year. Was truly the perfect evening! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the post – enjoyed the image and hearing about your adventure! Thanks so much for your class – caught some of it live and look forward to watching all of the downloadable video.

    All the best,

  6. Author

    Thanks folks!

    Nipun, I carry very little, actually. I have a HyperMac unit ( as a spare battery for the mac book, and they sell a car charger so I charge the MacBook as I drive. Same for the camera batteries – I carry several and have chargers that work on the car battery as I drive. You can also buy inverters for the car that will charge almost anything. Solar would be a waste here – haven’t seen the sun for more than 30 minutes since we arrived! 🙂

  7. Maybe a WTF workshop in Iceland? – how do I get on that list?

    Dude – looks like a great trip – even the Clif bars and bottled water.

  8. Those few previews look great, it seems to me you have thoroughly enjoyed my home country 🙂 I look forward to see the rest.

  9. Weather here. Twenty-four degrees with a 100% probability of mosquitoes and sunburn. Endless possibilities for vistas of smog. Where am I you ask? In a field about 50 km East of Calgary, Alberta. Would rather be where you are, you lucky dog! Enjoy.

  10. David, makes me wonder how much “power” do you carry in terms of electricity and battery in places like these. Do you carry a “solar” battery charger? (I know.. gear question… *sigh*)

    Loved the creativeLive and love your blog. You are truly Yoda of photography.

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