Another Postcard from Jamaica

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One last full day here in Jamaica. The sun finally came out and I traded my sweater for swim trunks and my snorkelling gear. Stumbled across Tony who took me out to shoot some staged dive shots while I tried to get on top of the learning curve with underwater shooting. I’ve learned so much over the last week, though haven’t nearly had the time I wanted to work on this stuff. But, man, is it fun. I love making photographs, and I love being in the water, the combination is such fun it makes me giggle (when I’m not inhaling water and trying to clear my mask or fight the bouyancy that my, uh, hmm, extra insulation adds. Next time there will be plates on my casing to drop the bouyancy, and a weight belt for me so I can stay put on the bottom. )

Anyways, heading home tomorrow. Thought I’d drop a line and say hi. Can’t believe another year has always passed. If I get around to it tomorrow I’ll post something introspective about the coming year, etc. I get home just in time to fight for a cab as midnight approaches, then three weeks to prep for Africa, sell some furniture, and get Jessie ready for the trip in March.

Right, off to play with the fishes. 🙂 Happy New Year’s to all of you.


  1. Underwater photography is a great passport to some amazing places. I’m certain your passport will be stamped with many great underwater sites. Enjoy and happy new year.

  2. As they say in Japan, Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu. Happy New Year! May abundant blessings be yours. Safe travels.

  3. Happy new year David! May 2011 brings you all you want!

    Yves, Annie, Mylène and Hanh Khiem in Punta Arenas, Patagonia.

  4. Love this! Can’t wait to see more when you have perfected your technique even further! I SO want one, but the housings are so expensive – maybe I’ll rent one for my trip to FL in March. Happy New Year David – I’m avoiding the cliche New Years Resolutions this year that I never seem to obtain – instead I’m making little goals throughout the year that may be a little more realistic to obtain…
    Can’t wait to see more blog posts!

  5. Happy New Year, David! Can’t wait to see the rest of these photos from your trip.

    Is your next big photo tour going to be through the great barrier reef? 🙂

  6. You too, Ellie. Stay in touch with Jeffrey about Italy, there’s a chance of an opening in several of the weeks due to a health issue.

    Happy 2011!!

  7. Happy New Year!

    Looking forward to hearing more about upcoming workshops after the spring…unfortunately for me all the workshops in Italy are filled up 🙁

  8. Happy New Year! Looking forward to your updates and travel experiences in 2011!

    What camera are you shooting with underwater? Keep in mind I know nothing about underwater cameras other than the disposable one I once used in Maui

  9. Best of luck on your upcoming trips. I’m looking forward to following your updates.

    If you decide to leave the periphery of the US on your jaunt with Jessie, look me up in Nashville.

    Happy New Year!

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