Twilight I, Tahoe, JUST RELEASED.

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Twilight I, Tahoe

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It’s been a long time since I did much more with my work than either hand it over to clients or put it in a book. In February I set out in Jessie, my intrepid Land Rover Defender, in part to change all that. I started shooting for myself again and one of the goals of that was the eventual release of a small series of  very limited edition prints. That project is still in the works, suspended as it is by my recovery, but I’m releasing the first in the Twilight series now.

On my way through California in early March 2011, I’d been dogged by the weather on the coast, and wet and soggy eventually turned Jessie towards the Nevada border. Even there were met with mountain passes closed by snow, so we made one last shot at it before heading back to coast further south, stopping near Emerald Bay overlooking Lake Tahoe for one evening. This lone tree was the first thing I saw but got so distracted with the typical postcard view, I nearly missed it. It was only as I was sitting on the hood of the Defender, waiting for Dave Delnea, that the blue hour struck, and pulled me back up the rocks to photograph this lone pine and receding snows.

Twilight I, Tahoe is available today in an edition limited to only 50 prints, through Craft & Vision Editions. The photograph is 16 x 22 printed with archival quality, with 2 inch borders on 20 x 26 watercolor stock. I ran through several printers before settling on the size, medium, and printer that gave me the quality I’m proud of. Each print is hand-numbered and signed and when the first 50 are sold, there will be no more. Click here for a slightly larger view.

Photographers long to have their work out there, to be seen, to be appreciated, and if there’s one happy result of my accident in Italy, it’s that I’ve had time these last two months to finally begin the work on printing my photographs again. This is the first of them.

Twilight I, Tahoe is available now and when they’re gone, they’re gone. The price is USD$400, shipping and handling included, which we think is an extraordinary deal, especially if I keep falling off walls.

Ordering and payment will be handled through the Craft & Vision store, which is secure and reliable. You will immediately be given a download link to a small PDF that simply lets you know we got your order and that within 3-4 weeks, your print will be arriving. It also gives you email info and a phone number in case there are issues or questions.


  1. Agreed. Congratulations…simply amazing. Can’t wait to see more of your recent work.

  2. David, I love this photograph. It brings to mind some of the same sensations I feel when viewing the work of Galen Rowell. It’s calm, peaceful and quite beautiful, but I can just sense the adventure behind the photograph.

    I, too, would like to request a C&V book on fine art printing. The entire process seems a dark art to me.

    Best wishes for your continued recovery, and the success of these prints.

  3. Thanks to your inspiration and words, I tried taking a photo during the “blue hour” on the 4th of July. It is one of my best shots of the day – after I captured the image (, I put my camera down and actually just enjoyed the fireworks.

  4. “we think is an extraordinary deal, especially if I keep falling off walls”

    The body might be partly damaged, but the sense of humour is perfectly intact!

  5. I love this picture. Fantastic shot. Such a peaceful scene with the lonely tree and hint of snow creeping out. Wonderful picture my friend 🙂

  6. very interessting: the small version here in the article has 1/50 as numbering whereas the big version has 1/100 printed on. so are there only 50 or are there 50 more? 😉 and why and when did you decide to go from 100 to only 50 prints?
    [don’t take me so serious on this one – i’m just teasing. even though the fact is true]

  7. This looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the next prints in this series. It’s a good reminder to print more of my work as well.

  8. David, congrats on this release.

    BTW, I would love to see a C&V book on creating limited edition prints some day. I’d love to know more about picking a good printer & certifying limited editions.

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