Postcards from Oaxaca

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Having a fantastic time in Oaxaca, Mexico, though we didn’t get back to the hotel last night until 4am, so we all took a little longer to get moving this morning. It’s an amazing place, here. Feels very safe. The food is incredible and the spectacle of Day of the Dead is really fun, if not a little creepy at times. There’s some amazing talent here with us on this adventure; and we’re having really fun time together.

The first two postcards were both shot with an iPhone, straight out of the camera, and some great window light, the last at Casa Oaxaca with the D3s and an 85/1.4. Wish y’all were here!


  1. Recent but now frequent visitor to your site – amazing images always. Like another comment…never would of guessed these were iphone shots – beautiful colour and depth.

  2. Not to be too gear-heady, but yeah, that 85 is a dream lens – it’s one of two lenses I usually carry, and generally what’s on my camera for most of the day.

  3. glad your having fun! i absolutely love oaxaca. youll need to come back for the guelaguetza in the summer sometime…
    blessings, brotherjoe

  4. Hi David,
    I wish a pleasant journey and I love not having read »x days since my accident«. I hope your bones do their job without any pain now. Please pass my greetings to Jeffrey and others I might know in your workshop-team. Wish I could be there.
    Cheers, Jens

  5. What, no chocolate? When we were there the chocolate roasters (in big coffee roaster ovens) were going full blast.

    I’m in Zion this week and took a picture up near checkerboard mesa that had me thinking of you and your book (leading lines, to a pinion pine on a beehive shaped mound). I only wish the book had arrived a month earlier so I would have had more time to read and re-read it before this trip. I’m also playing with a gold and blue filter based on some comments of yours a year or two ago from one of your Italy trips.

  6. I would not have know that was iphone if you wouldnt have said. Lovely take.
    The shallow DOF in last photograph looks lovely. I will be back for more. keep shooting.

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  8. Looks like you’re having a blast! Amazing that those first two are from an iPhone. I already wanted one and now I want one even more! It wouldn’t replace my camera, but I’d love to have it with me at times when I forgot or don’t want to bring my Nikon.

    Lovely work, as always 🙂

  9. Im suddenly hungry! Venturing into food photography now?? Next WTF workshop that had a food tie in to I’m there for 😀

  10. Oh, if you happen to be near the Mayan ruins in Yagul, see if you can find my lens cap. It should be at the top of the mountain ;o)

  11. I was in Oaxaca for DotD in 2006. Beautiful city and a very unique experience. Stayed at Casa Arnel. I hope to go back there someday, but right now I’m looking forward to Venice in May!

  12. Stayed at Casa Oaxaca in August for 4 days, great place. Tell Chef Alejandro I said hi. I was there shooting the travel images for a cookbook on Mexican cuisine for an Australian publisher, spent 2 hours shooting him in his kitchen with a videographer. Reminds me that I owe him some shots! Try the chapulines… RV

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