Antarctica: Mostly Blue

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The colours here, every blue you’ve ever seen, and others you’ve only dreamed of, are unbelievable. John Paul Caponigro said something interesting yesterday, he said, “we’ll go home and people will assume we’ve boosted the saturation in Photoshop. We’ll tell them we haven’t, but that we really should in order to make it look the way it really felt.” He’s right. No saturation boost here, but I swear the colours are really much more vibrant. There’s a luminosity that is almost shocking. I am in love with this blue place.

*BTW, to clarify, when I mentionned the “polar bear swim” the other day I didn’t mean to imply that there are polar bears here. There aren’t. It’s just a term for the ludicrous phenomenon of stripping down to nothing but shorts and going for a swim in stupidly cold water because, well, other people are doing it too. It explains the nasty cold I’ve got now. 🙂


  1. Wow, what amazing landscape, beautiful images – I have two interests in these photographs
    1. being a fellow photographer I can appreciate the image
    2. My brother is currently trekking to the south pole

    would have loved to go along and photograph!

  2. I’m sure most of your loyal followers find these iceberg shots beautiful, even stunning. There had to be trying conditions to capture those images. Nevertheless, after that outstanding shot of the two penguins, everything that follows will pale (ouch!) by comparison. Hope you’re keeping warm.

  3. Beautiful images. My father saw your vessel at Deception Island. He is on another Quark Expeditions cruise right now as well.

  4. The cold of the swim lasts for mere minutes but the bragging rights live forever!

  5. I have seen Glacier ice and it, too, is amazingly blue. The denser the ice, the bluer it is, so I can vouch for the colours. no need to enhance. Incredible. I am so happy for you to experience this journey and thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. I knew what you meant by the polar bear swim, but damn…that’s not really smart – you are not a penguin!! Love your postcards.

  7. But wait there is more … as you go further south and the twilight stretches on the sky fills with pinks and orange

  8. Simply gorgeous – there is a beautiful ethereal calm exuding from these photographs. I imagine the silence must be quite special too.

  9. David,

    Thanks for having clarified the “polar bear swim” 🙂 .
    I’d like to be there and feel the cold of Antarctica.. and take some photos..

    Take care.

    All the best


  10. Stunning pictures! If is was someone else who had said took the pictures, I wouldnt believe the blue was real, but you David, we will never doubt! Amazing capturing of the beauty! Keep sharing it with us!

  11. I’ve seen so many pictures from Antartica and never grow tired of seeing more. Fabulous! The chill seems to emanate from the postcard. And wow! Swimming there! Madness!

    Your living the dream. 🙂

  12. omg i wanna be there toooo!!

    so great to know that you’re back out there doing all that exciting stuff. god bless.

  13. David,

    Thanks for sharing these amazing photos.
    I visited your blog to download a wallpaper for my desktop and saw the recently posted “mostly blue” photos and now I wonder the what kind of wallpapers you’ll make from there… Looking forward for it…
    Take care of yourself.

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