Postcard from Lalibela

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Wow, this might be longest I’ve ever gone without fully functional internet. Nice to take a break but the few times I tried to get online were fraught with frustration. After almost 2 weeks in northern Ethiopia, and most of that among the pilgrims of Lalibela, I’m now heading to Nairobi for two days of R&R before beginning the Maasai Mara Within The Frame Adventure.

Lalibela itself was amazing. There is a quality of light there, among the throngs of pilgrims and the stone churches that is simply beautiful. Add to that a feeling of participating in something that seems to take place over a thousand years ago, and you’ve a sense of what an adventure this trip was. Then add traveling with a wonderful group of talented photographers and running into Mitchell Kanaskevitch a few times, and it makes for an amazing start to 2012.

My flight boards soon, and then I’m out of touch for a bit. Hope your 2012 is off to a running start, full of adventure and beauty. I’ll check in when I can, but don’t hold your breath! Cheers!


  1. I think Christian is either jealous of your work or he doesn’t know anything about photography and just wants to annoy you and people contributing in your blog.

  2. Stunning photos. My favorite is the second one. One day I will take a photo like that 🙂

    1. Author

      @Christian – Wow, thanks for the constructive comment. And you come here why?

  3. It was really a pleasure to see you in action in Lalibela, David.
    As you said, an incredible adventure for me too, and the best start of year ever!
    Thanks for all!!!
    Happy Nairobi !!!
    See you…

  4. Great Photographs!
    The top one has this feeling of just telling a part of the story, and leaving the rest of the puzzle to imagination. A trait of some photgraphs that I often seek but rearly do acheive. I love it!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip, you lucky world traveller.

  5. I know the ‘blue robe’ will be in your next book. What an incredible shot. I am recovering from surgery with three of your books beside me. I am concentrating on your words and learning and excited to get out again with some of your wisdom instilled in my brain David.

  6. Great pictures, I like 1st for shadows/light beam, and 3rd for colors the most.
    Waiting for more to come:)

  7. Holding my breath in wonder.. thanks for the updates and so glad to see your life is so full of adventure and joy

  8. The light is beautiful in the first image. And I just read Mitchell Kanaskevitch’s account on his blog so it was a surprise to see your post right afterwards. I almost asked if you ran into him when I read what you wrote and saw that you did. That’s really cool! Enjoy the R&R. I don’t know how you do all the travel that you do. But I’m glad we get to go with you virtually!!

  9. yay! i have been missing your photos and your postings. and will travel with you vicariously to the Maasai Mara – on my life list…

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