Leaving Venice

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The sun setting over Piazza San Marco, Venice. 2012

I dragged my bags across the cobbles of Venice just after 4am yesterday morning, the wheels bumping and echoing, exaggerating the surreal emptiness of the place. Just Venice and I, which is how goodbyes should be. Around the corner a taxi waited for me, a long, sleek wooden boat, the low rumble of the engine the only competition for my clacking wheels. The driver took my bags, pulled my aluminum suitcase in after me, and we headed slowly though the winding canals that bisect the city and take us toward the open waters on the north side of the island, past the cemetery, and towards the Marco Polo airport. The morning still lit only by a half moon and the headlight of the boat shimmering off the waves. Cool night breeze, scented once in a while by unseen flowering trees. Pure magic. If you have to take a cab to the airport, you can do worse than this.

I’m home now, met at the curb at YVR by my best friend and Emily, my Jeep. We made dinner (which is to say he cooked pasta and shrimp and I slumped in a chair and tried my best to look conscious,) and Corwin’s wife came by and helped us through a couple bottles of wine, and I crashed early. A long perfect day. Sometimes the best part of travel is the coming home. I’ve now got almost 2 months before I travel again. 2 months to spend with my girl, to get my work done, do some physical therapy, get my gallbladder pulled, start a portrait project, print some photographs, and write a book.

Thanks to those who traveled with Jeffrey and I on the latest Within The Frame Adventures. Lots of great memories. Thank you. The time we spent together talking, learning about the photographic language, always teaches me so much. We’ve got a couple announcements coming soon about a few more 2012 destinations, one in Europe, a couple in Asia. We’ll keep you posted. If you’re wanting to travel with us, act quick once the announcement goes up.

Good to be home. Oggi e una bella giornata…



  1. Hi David,

    That first paragraph was on of the best I have read about goodbyes and about Venice.

    Thank you for those words. An infinite number of monkeys could never weave those words that way.



  2. Gorgeous sunset image, great reflection.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Always enjoy reading about your adventures.

    This is a great time of year to spend some time in the great Northwest, enjoy!

  3. Welcome Home! As beautiful as other places can be Vancouver 20 degrees and sunshine is something to behold eh?

  4. Welcome back home, David! Great to get out there… great to get back home! The description of your early morning boat taxi to the airport was a memory trigger to some of my own earlier travels… nice! Looking forward to all you have in the works…

  5. Craig – it got worse in Venice. Another bottle of wine. Another (big) book. Clothes. Shiny things for my girl. So by the time I left there was a new duffle bag as well. 🙂 I never learn…

  6. click those red shoes together and remember… “there is no place like home”…

    …and WTF Vancouver or West Coast would be way cool… may be Uculet…

  7. Hey David,

    Must have had extra flotation on the water taxi! That suitcase could sink the Titanic, again!!
    Would love to hear about your portrait project!!


  8. Congrats on a safe and happy return to hearth and home! That’s quite the ambitious schedule you’ve planned out for yourself, I look forward to seeing and hearing about it.

  9. Hope to hear more about the portrait project one day and wish you a wonderful time at home!
    …..big program for only two months …!

  10. Author

    Paul – Right now ANYTHING in the US would be cool 🙂 Gotta get them to let me into the country first. 🙂

  11. David, glad you made it home safe, sounds like a great trip and a nice homecoming. To add to Chris’ thought, a WTF US Tour would be cool as well.

  12. Author

    Chris – I’m scheming something. Stay tuned. Not sure when it’ll be, but there are coffee-fueled plans being schemed. 🙂

  13. I enjoyed reading this entry, especially the part of you trying to appear conscious. I know how that feels.
    Looking forward to your images and hearing/ reading more about your projects/ upcoming books.

  14. Yup, a great day to Van. Nothing beats this city in the spring when the weather co-operates. There should be a WTF Vancouver 🙂

  15. Hi David,
    I’m so glad that you’ve made it safely home from Italy this year. Again, thank you and Jeffrey for an excellent adventure in Liguria last week. Since then I’ve been enjoying reviewing my photos and reliving the trip and craving foccacia & rhum balls (original).

  16. Welcome back to Vancouver. The weather couldn’t be better.

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