Beautiful Objects, 6

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Glasses, Oaxaca, Mexico. Port Charlotte, PC7 Single Malt Whisky.

The Scotch whisky is a beautiful thing all it’s own. It’s from Islay, the only island from which I’ll drink, or at least enjoy, the whisky. I like it peaty. If it doesn’t taste like someone threw a little dirt into my class, I don’t want it. This one’s distilled and bottled by the Bruichladdich Distillery. I discovered this on my 40th birthday, on Christmas eve in San Francisco, last year, and next to Ardbeg, also from Islay, it’s one of my favourites,

The glasses are votive candle holders from Oaxaca, Mexico. I found them during the Day of Dead festival last year as well, noting that the shot glasses from which the locals drank their mescal looked a lot like votive holders (what with the cross stamped into the bottom of them…). When I finally looked at the candles used everywhere in celebration of this festival, I found they were one and the same. Seems fitting to celebrate our long-gone loved ones by lighting a candle, then drinking to their memory. These are heavy, and sharply ridged on the outside, making them a pleasure to hold. Now chipped and scratched, I carry these – and memories of Oaxaca – in the back of the Jeep and throw them into the bag when traveling. You never know when you’ll need a couple whisky glasses. Or candle holders.


  1. No worries, that’s what I get for trying to use subtle humor on the internet I guess.

    I’ll have to agree on Jura as well, good stuff, had Oban for the first time in a long time last night and thoroughly enjoyed it as well despite the lack of dirt in the glass it’s a well crafted whisky.

  2. I see Steve Kalman has beaten me to it – as delicious as Ardbeg is, give the the Jura’s a try before you dismiss them as being from the wrong island!

  3. Indeed it is! My comment was with tongue firmly in cheek. Joking that the whisky is the real subject of the photo….a perfectly executed, and well thought out photo at that. Great series David….I’ll try to make my jokes a little more obvious next time ;D

  4. So, David,

    You seem to have โ€œhitโ€ on something interesting here. All of us who come here are obviously interested in the images, but here something more is being shared.

    How will I ever find the time, money and sobriety to sample all the different single malts recommended by fellow bloggers.

    It really does begging to โ€œfeelโ€ like a community when so many share their personal preferences.

  5. I enjoy the stories accompanying the images in this series. I think I definitely prefer it over just sharing images. They evoke envy and inspiration.

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  8. I’d like to recommend Superstition by Jura. As a long time single malt lover, it is my favorite (Ardberg is second, Talisker is my fallback.)

  9. I second Pete on Caol Ilas – lovely nose and the taste that lingers in the mouth is..pretty classy!

    The first Islay I’ve tried was Bowmore, still love it to this day. Ardberg is a bit blunt for my tastes, but sounds like I need to give PC a try, if they sell it in Hong Kong!

  10. Ahhhhh the fine distallite of Islay. PC is a great Whiskey. I’m partial to Highland Park 17 yr old myself but when I’m in the mood for a more peaty punch, PC is my go too. I love this Things of Beauty series David, it’s truly inspiring. Much like a dram of a fine single malt ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. great story, and another wonderful “beautyful object(s)… my tastes are a little simpler though, I’ll go for the red solo cup and an ice cold ale… ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. The focus is great… just where it needs to be…
    Now the peaty taste …ugh… but, those votives, what a groovy way to travel with style.
    Great photo David.

  13. Really like your “Objects of Beauty” series. And as far as being out of focus? I think it looks great, just aslight softness to help emphasize the “votive tumblers” which I consider the subject but still enough clarity in the label to give some background info for the story. I want to know with whom were you sharing the other drink with?

    Always enjoy your images and thoughts, Thanks
    Billy S

  14. I think you missed the focus on this shot David, maybe try live view and zooming in next time. Don’t worry you can still tell it’s PC7 though.

    I had the extreme pleasure of visiting Islay a couple of years back and had a great laugh and a few drams with James Brown who graces the tin of one of the PC releases. He’s a great character, a farmer, and local policeman who gave us a bumpy ride to visit his highland cattle and teach us the proper Gaelic way to call them…PRAVEEK. Put Bruichladdich on your bucket list if it’s not on there already.

  15. Just the colour of peaty water but with a much finer taste!
    If you like Islay whiskies you owe it to yourself to try Caol Ila. It’s a little harder to find even in the UK but magnificent. The 18 year old is superb but expensive. It’s the only one I drink but given I only get through about a bottle of whisky per year I justify it on that basis.
    Oh yes, nice image!

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