Postcard From Mongolia

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Gobi Desert, Mongolia, 2012.

A quick hello from Ulaan Bator, Mongolia. We’ve just come in out of the dust and heat after 8 days off-road in the Gobi Desert. What an adventure! We spent time photographing sand dunes and horse races, the so-called White Stupa cliffs, and miles and miles of desert, horses, goats, and Mongolians. We’ve slept in some really remote sites, some among the more rustic – and barren – places I’ve ever stayed, and yet the two things never missing were beauty and hospitality, both of which Mongolia has in spades. One more full day here, then on the 16th we all go our own ways. I’ll fill you in more later, just wanted to drop a line and say Hi.


  1. Beautiful image. Mongolia is magic… remote places have such a special beauty.

  2. David,


    That’s my favorite time of day.
    Really hope to meet you one day.



  3. Can’t wait to see the images. Hopefully some of them will make it into your upcoming book ????

  4. Share more.. look forward to hearing stories and perusing photographs made.

  5. A wish-list destination for sure. I had the good luck to camp in the Sahara for a few days and have been trying to get back to that same divine emptiness for a while now. I’m looking forward to your photos. Safe travels!

  6. When we were in Mongolia we experienced the same hospitality and beauty – though we went to the far NW part of the country where there were lakes and trees. And they are not ‘yurts’ but are called ‘gers’ in Mongolia. Awaiting the rest of the photos.

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  8. Nice – I’ve just got back from Bolivia. Similarly remote in places (the 120,000 sq km Uyuni Salt Flats are awesome) and stunningly beautiful too.

    Although Mongolia has been on my wish list of destinations for some time. Looking forward to seeing some more of your shots from there!

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