Mongolia Snapshots

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The ubiquitous UAZ, the Russian 4×4 vans you see everywhere in Mongolia. I want one of these so bad I can almost taste it. A few more snapshots from the Hasselblad in Mongolia:

Self portrait. Mongolia, 2012.

I walked past this thing (below) several times before I really saw it, stopped dead in my tracks and said, or thought, something along the lines of, “In the name of all that is holy, WHAT IS THAT THING?” It still confuses me – and scares me – a little. Any guesses?

It’s a long weekend here and we’re heading out in a couple hours to throw gear into Emily (the Jeep) and head to Princeton, BC, to spend the weekend on the Whipsaw Trail, one of the top ten 4×4 routes in North America. Hoping for adventure, looking for beauty. Have a great weekend, wherever you are. 🙂


  1. Author

    T Clark, I’d happily do what it takes to get a print into your hands. Where can I get a hold of you re. details?

  2. I love the “I love you” image! Do you sell prints? Also, thank you for the wonderful inspiration through your books and your work.

  3. This post has pretty much got me obsessed with the UAZ-452. I thought, “that’s a cool car” which spawned a quick internet search which spawned a non-so-quick internet search. I love some of the camper-van mods people do.

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  5. LOL…the last image I don’t know but I’m still laughing at Michael B’s response. Awesome images. Have a great long weekend.

  6. Looks like a cross between a reindeer and a camel. Do reindeer get as far south as Mongolia?

  7. David, don’t you know it’s ‘Buck Camel’, ‘Joe Camel’s’ cousin.

    Joe only got the job over Buck because they thought he looked better on film. So they whisked young Joe off to the States for an whirlwind ride to fame. Their relationship was never the same after that.

  8. have a great weekend! (…funny have been to Princeton, NJ last weekend). the last photo? no idea what it is, but it looks definitely mythical.

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