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Spent a good chunk of today bouncing around the backwoods of Tierra del Fuego here in the southernmost part of Patagonia, Argentina. My friend, Daniel, and I, hired a Land Rover Defender and a guide and spent the day getting out of Ushuaia and exploring forests and lakes. Love it here. We wound up at a small cabin for BBQ steaks and a couple bottles of wine before coming back to Ushuaia to crash for the night and nurse our jetlag. Daniel’s come from Stockholm and my body is still somewhere between here and Kathmandu.

One more night and we’ll be on the boat heading towards Antarctica.


  1. Gotta say that last photo somehow reminds me of the rocky beach scene near the end of the first “Lord of the Rings” movie! Nice shots that give a feel of place.

  2. Hey David

    Traveling around in Tierra del Fuego?
    You´re just around the corner from the best photo destination ever: Chile!!!

    Please come visit us some time!!!


  3. I am so jealous.

    You should do a post on how one goes about finding a good guide in a spot and how to rent a land rover.

    Sort of kidding about the land rover, but sort of not.

    Looks like another great trip.

  4. Hi David, my heart is burning 😉 hehe
    lookin’ forward to next postcards, posts – whatsoever – from there…
    One day, i’m going to sail round the Cape Horn and if possible stay for a while in Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station… hope i will manage to do this 🙂 but… by now i have to stick to your posts from there 🙂
    take care!

  5. I once had someone comment on my forest cabin in Washington, how it reminded him of the small cabins in Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Your photos are inspiring me to hop on a bus for the long, long trek south for a visit. If I’m gonna go, I’ll need to head down that way soon! You know how to travel, David!

  6. let the adventures grow… and sure hope Emily doesn’t see the photos… 🙂 🙂

  7. Awesome David! You are my hero person photographer guy #1!
    Have a kick ass time down there! Oh yeah! And say hi to my neighbor JPC for meh!

  8. I’m not sure which one’s better – the packing posts, postcards or calendar. Didn’t get any of those lately though, so…

    Have a great time once again, David. Oh, wait – you already do…!

  9. Amazing adventure.

    I visited Ushuaia a few years ago but didn’t have the opportunity to explore the area. Till today it is a place I would love to go back to.

    Living in South Africa, loving road trips and having access to some amazing wildlife and landscape photography opportunities is great but there is something truly special, almost mystical, about where find yourself. Well, I think so anyway!! 🙂

    Travel safe and keep the posts coming!

  10. We are on our way next year- where did you hire a guide ?
    will be following your journey with great interest . Have a safe voyage.

  11. I made it about half way down Argentina — in the north of Patagonia — last September. Then I had to turn around and head north because of the snow. All I can think about is wanting to back. Your pictures aren’t helping. 🙂

  12. Hey David,

    Great shots! Is your mind saying as you gaze out of the cabin window, “Why didn’t I pack the Hassy?” ?

    Have an epic journey, with or without film!


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