Final Postcards from Italy

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A few final photographs from my recent trip to Italy (I posted others last weekend). The image above is one of my favourites, and still makes me chuckle. I’d been standing there waiting for a moment and talking to friends. I’d made a comment about the need for photographers to remain observant and then the discussion  moved on to the blue bike. Someone said how much they loved the tree growing out of the wall and I looked around confused – what the hell was she talking about? –  until I noticed it. Right behind the bike. So much for being observant. Apparently I’m one of those “do as I say, not as I do” kind of teachers. Oops.

As promised, I’ve still got an article coming about the Fuji XE-1 I used on this trip, but that’s still to come. Don’t hold your breath for a review, I don’t do those well. But if you want a reaction (spoiler: I love this camera!) then I’ll be posting something more complete about it within the week or so. In the mean time, Issue Three of PHOTOGRAPH is now out and keeps getting better. There are still spots available for both The Created Image seminar in Vancouver on July 11-12 and The Path to Pro evening on July 11.  I’ve got bags to pack before I catch a float plane in Prince Rupert and head out on the Ocean Light 2 to British Columbia’s Khutzeymateen to photograph the grizzlies. Stay tuned!


  1. We were in the Cinque Terre a few weeks ahead of your tour. My original plan was to spend a full day in each of the towns, but our time there was compressed down to two. The link I provided is my favorite image from our trip. I hope to join you on a future trip.

  2. The Italy photos show an amazing range of subject and impression. When I first looked at the blue bike image the textures were so rich and tactile I thought it was an oil painting. The last of ocean and sky looked like a watercolor.
    I hope this seems like a compliment to you.

  3. Wonderful impressions from Italy. I love the warm light in the leading shot and the shot from the Italian bar.

  4. whoa! love the first one with the tree and bike…and this kid… i was looking for this tree as you were 🙂 hehe nice 🙂

  5. Really nice color tones!! in the first picture, the color of the bicycle seems little bit oversaturated maybe my monitor is not really accurate. Some people complain about Fuji x-e1’s color rendition. Do you have any clarification on that David? Thanks

    1. Author

      Nope, just a really blue bicycle. Warmed it up a little, too. I shoot RAW and have no issues with the colour, but I love colour and go for mood rather than chasing some kind of accuracy.

      1. I’m considering to get this camera when I travel but sometimes the reviews are misleading. You’re right that we all should go for mood rather than accuracy. Thanks once again

  6. My favorite is the wine pouring. And gives me inspiration for my next winery visit. Maybe even a justification to go to a winery. Gotta try out a couple new shots.

  7. Love the image of the Beach David. The colours are so stunning on the last two!

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Well… you did wait for the child to appear. 😉

    That’s a great image by the way… also love the twilight town and who’s the wine for?

    Have a great trip and don’t let the grizzlies get ya’.

    1. Author

      Who’s the wine for? That’s the funniest question ever! 🙂

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