4th Birthday Sale!

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Light the candles. Sing the song. Cut the cake. Craft & Vision is 4 years old. We know we can’t send birthday cake to you in a PDF, but we can go one better. Today and tomorrow only (August 27 & 28, 2013), everything in the Craft & Vision store is 50% off (OK, almost everything. Subscriptions of PHOTOGRAPH are still regular price. But you can get the full first year of back issues at 50% off. And individual issues.) There are no discount codes, just go shopping and the deals are built right in.

I never expected Craft & Vision to become what it has. It wasn’t even on the radar. But it’s a testament to the power of asking, “What if…?” and of being willing to learn new tricks. And y’all have been part of that. If you’ve purchased even one book you’ve been part of what I do, and together we’ve launched nearly 60 books, created a quarterly magazine, and helped 17 other photographers keep doing what they love. Thank you! Now go get those half-price eBooks. Like cake, the offer goes stale way too fast. And then tell the world. There’s no fire code that says we can’t pack this birthday party to the walls. The social media links at the bottom of this post will get the word out to your friends. And then they can be part of the fun.

Take me to the Craft & Vision birthday party, I want to fill my party bag!

Want more photographs from the 4th Birthday Fairy-Princess Pin-up Theme Photo Shoot? This kind of indignity doesn’t come around often. Here’s the full shoot, but you gotta promise me you’ll go buy some eBooks. I don’t put on a tutu for just anyone, you know. Glutton for punishment? Click the thumbnails to see them larger and scroll through.

20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-41 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-39 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-38 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-37 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-36 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-35 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-34 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-32 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-31 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-28 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-27 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-25 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-24 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-20 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-15 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-14 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-13 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-12 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-11 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-9 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-8 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-3 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-62 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-61 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-59 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-58 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-57 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-56 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-55 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-54 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-53 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-52 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-51 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-50 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-49 20130816-C&V-4th-Birthday-48

What can I say? I promised my team I’d do a better photo than last year. Even told them they could pick the theme of the photograph and, seeing as it was a 4th birthday, there were votes for princess, for fairy, and my girlfriend might have suggested a Pin-up theme. I’m not sure if they chose those because they thought I wouldn’t do it, or because they knew I would, but not one for letting anyone feel left out I decided to do it all. Thanks to Corwin for finding a tutu for me, and to my girl, Cynthia, for bringing a little classy boudoir styling to it. We’re nothing if not classy, folks. Thanks for a great 4 years.

Here’s a little video to add to the humiliation:

Take me to the Craft & Vision birthday party, I want to fill my party bag and help David pay for the therapy he’s going to need after this.


  1. Congratulations on four great years, David. Thanks for the inspiration as both an image maker and a professional, but most of all, thanks for burning the image of you as a black booted fairy princess in my mind. Forever.

  2. OMG, that was hilarious …… and mildly disturbing!! haha Can’t wait to see what you’ll do for your 5 year anniversary!

    You guys do a fantastic job, I probably have all the books. Congrats on 4 years and here’s to many more!

  3. Ha ha ha! “Son of a muffin”. Love it!

    Happy 4th and congrats David. Thanks for all of the excellent books and ebooks. There’s very few I don’t have!

  4. …” and helped 17 other photographers keep doing what they love. ”

    Unless you are including me in the 17…which I don’t think you are…I think this number could be raised exponentially…You guys…sorry….y’all, have helped THIS photographer keep doing what he loves…and, more efficiently and more ‘better-ly’.

    as for the photos…?


  5. Wow, tutu much!

    Thanks for the laughs and a ton of inspiring, informative ebooks. Terrific value.

    May you and your team continue to have pleasurable success!

  6. Wow! Miley Cyrus eat your heart out! Now here is a man who is obviously confident in his masculinity! Awesome! Really stunning group of images David, I mean that in the most literal of ways- and congratulations on doing fantastically what you guys do so well. Happy 4th fellas!

  7. Congratulation! You and your team has done a awesome job of inspiring the photo community. Keep up with the good work! And by the way, you do look very cute!?…

  8. I see a new photo book in the works! But seriously, when are you going to start selling these as prints or posters? 🙂

  9. Brilliant. I’m afraid to imagine what your team will make you do for year 5… Now I’m off to the sale pages.

  10. Thanks for the sale Dave! I had to hold back and only buy seven of the ebooks 😉

  11. Meaning: Happy Birthday to me! Just loaded up on my latent Pixelated Image publication desires in advance of my day.

    Thanks much for everything!

  12. Very pretty! You should wear pink more often 🙂

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the party. Just yesterday I was wondering which books to take on my next trip. I guess this problem can now be considered solved.

  13. Congratulations, bravo, slow clap, standing ovation – this post deserves it all. I have a big smile after reading this but the real question is, how hard did Corwin have to look for a tutu?

  14. I love it! Great idea David and Happy 4th! Keep up the great work man.

  15. Happy Birthday! You’re looking sooooo great! My 5-Jear old daughter will love this! I think that pink Blunnies would be the icing on the cake (maybe they are too hard to find…)

    best regards

  16. Wow! I mean, a very genuine wow on this one, David. 🙂

    Congratulations on the continued success and ever-growing maturity that has been seen in Craft & Vision these past four years. It is also wonderful to see a joyous lack of maturity in you, that you remain, despite such a busy, crazy schedule, a wonder-filled child at heart.

    Thanks for all you and your crew at C&V have done for me. I’m already looking forward to the The Big Five!

  17. Why oh why did I look at these before going to bed?!?! I just hope the sale makes up for the nightmares I am now going to have. 🙂 Happy Birthday C&V!!!

  18. hahahahah what a wonderful fairy!…… ROTFL!!!! you do look lovely in pink 😛
    huh… David, you made my day!!!! 🙂
    Happy Birthday!!!

    ps. let me chck my ‘party bag’ 😉

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